Nighttime skincare routine

minimal makeup
(That feeling when it’s so hot that you can’t wait to run home and wash your face)

I am so proud of my current nighttime skincare routine. All of the products I use are relatively affordable, do what they claim to do, and most of them contain no harmful ingredients. I do eventually want to transition into using only cruelty-free and natural skincare products, so feel free to leave me your recommendations.

For now, let me introduce you to my nighttime skincare squad.
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How my skin got to its current happy place

Happy almost weekend!

clear skin 2
(Photo from last weekend. No makeup and no face tuning.)

Before I go into my acne update and my skincare routine, I would like to thank you for taking the time to stop by and read this post. If you’re new to my blog, welcome! I’m so glad you stopped by. I write about skincare, my personal style, and my travel experiences. Feel free to catch up on my posts by exploring the menu on top. If you’re all caught up on my blog, thank you for coming back!

Now that introductions and thank yous are done, let’s move on to the main course…

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Dealing with acne

This week has been a terrible skin week. About three weeks ago, my chin started developing these bumps that you couldn’t see but could feel. Then some whiteheads formed and some remained stubborn bumps. Naturally, I did the worst possible thing to “fix it.” I attempted to pop all of them regardless of their readiness to enter the outside world. Instead of turning this into an incredibly long rant about acne, I’m going to show you what I’ve been working with and what I’ve been using. Brace yourself for some of these close ups.

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First Impression: Clarifying Water Rubber Mask

A.C. Clarifying Mask

Face Stats: Acne prone, combination skin

Brief history: I always thought cleaning my pores with exfoliants, scrubs, and prayers to the universe were the key to clear skin. So I did that for the past 10+ years. Spoiler alert: I still break out regularly, have clogged pores, and although my face is oily, it also feels really dry and dehydrated. Totally hit the jackpot here, thanks Mother Nature. Continue reading “First Impression: Clarifying Water Rubber Mask”