Renfe train experience + 3 Days in Madrid


I feel like I’ve been dragging my feet to write this post. We didn’t have a terrible time by any means. The food was delicious, people were nice, and there was always something beautiful just up a hill or around a corner. But I think it would have been an even better experience if we had a local (like our host in Barcelona) to guide us through a bit of the city’s landscape. Nevertheless, if you love art, slowing down, and Real Madrid then Madrid is surely a place to visit. 
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4 Days in Barcelona

I’m back! My husband and I just got back from a week in Spain with 4 days in Barcelona and 3 days In Madrid. We ate a lot of tapas, drank a lot of cava, and took a lot of photos. There’s so much I could blab on about so I decided to show you Barcelona and Madrid separately. Let me introduce you to Barcelona. 

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What’s in my carry-on purse?

Happy Sunday!

I just finished packing for my week in Spain (Barcelona and Madrid) and thought it would be cool to show my in-flight essentials. This is for all you curious cats out there.

FullSizeRender (2)

This is the only purse that I’m taking with me. It’s the perfect size for carrying everything I need on flight with plenty of leg room to spare.
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When in Palm Springs…

best western
View from the 2nd floor of the Best Western

Palm Springs was definitely my favorite part of last weekend. The sun, palm trees, and the view of the mountains never got old. My friends and I stayed at the Best Western Plus Las Brisas, which was both close enough to our Coachella shuttle stop and plenty of restaurants. We lucked out there!

When I go back, I would definitely look into renting a house in that general area because of how much variety there is in terms of food (priority #1). But if you would rather stay in a hotel, the Best Western is great as a home base for sleep and being by a pool. There are also plenty of hotels close by as well. Continue reading “When in Palm Springs…”

Traveling light + Coachella Style Diary

cover image

How I travel light:

Check the weather: For Palm Springs and Indio, the weather was 90-100 degrees in the day and a low of 70-80 degrees at night.

Ask myself the following questions:

What will I be doing?

What pieces will look good and feel comfortable for each activity? (Bonus points for pieces I can wear more than once)

What do I need to add to complete the look (bag, shoes, etc…)?

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