Throwback Thursday: Wedding planning

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This time last year I started seriously thinking about what I wanted in our wedding. What are we going to eat aka where will the reception take place? Yes, eat because brides do that. What am I going to wear? Who are we going to invite? How are we going to document it all? And probably most important, how are we going to have a good time? Whether you’re a bride to be or a friend/family member of a bride-to be, I hope this can help you put things into focus and nail down your planning process.  Continue reading “Throwback Thursday: Wedding planning”

Coachella: The good, the bad, and the extra

Dear Coachella,

I first saw you in a photo. Was it in a magazine, a website, or my Instagram feed? Doesn’t matter because it was love at first sight. I was enamored and could picture myself frolicking and dancing my way through the grass like a cliché. Thought it was a dream when I finally got my hands on a wristband. And this weekend, we finally met.

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Review: Thinx Period Panties

Happy Hump Day!

Today’s post is all about Thinx Period Panties. You may have seen their subway ads or heard about all the controversy it stirred last year. Some people wanted the ads taken down because apparently showing women in their underwear with the word “period” attached to it is “scandalous” and “inappropriate.” But using this very same visual to sell sexual fantasies is perfectly normal. Slow clap for our patriarchy…

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Source: Slate

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