Fast fashion vs. everyday life

Happy Friday everyone!

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Fast fashion is seductive. It’s trendy, affordable, and can be the perfect distraction when you need it. A few seasons ago, I came to the revelation that this kind of consumption leads to a constant desire for shiny and new things, thus always feeling like I have nothing to wear.

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What’s in my carry-on purse?

Happy Sunday!

I just finished packing for my week in Spain (Barcelona and Madrid) and thought it would be cool to show my in-flight essentials. This is for all you curious cats out there.

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This is the only purse that I’m taking with me. It’s the perfect size for carrying everything I need on flight with plenty of leg room to spare.
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Throwback Thursday: Wedding planning

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This time last year I started seriously thinking about what I wanted in our wedding. What are we going to eat aka where will the reception take place? Yes, eat because brides do that. What am I going to wear? Who are we going to invite? How are we going to document it all? And probably most important, how are we going to have a good time? Whether you’re a bride to be or a friend/family member of a bride-to be, I hope this can help you put things into focus and nail down your planning process.  Continue reading “Throwback Thursday: Wedding planning”

Why I started my blog

At the end of last week, I started brainstorming content for this week and panicked because I had nothing new to talk about. I also knew it was going to be difficult to top last week’s vacation inspired posts. Then I realized that I never dedicated a post to why I started my blog. So here goes my best attempt at explaining this new roller coaster in my life.

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