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I’m no stranger to Entireworld sweats.

I purchased a pair of their sweatpants last year, practically around the same time as now. I even raved about them in my shopping diaries post here. A year later, they have come back with version #2. I was already obsessed with the gorgeous lilac shade and when I saw them claiming that it was so fluffy that it would make a baby chick feel like a cactus, I needed no more convincing. I mean, how soft are these sweats?

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The Agnès

The Enrika

I’ve been waiting a whole month to do this review and it’s finally happening!!

Let me start from the beginning…

I first heard of MaisonCléo on Man Repeller last year. I instantly fell in love with their Agnès blouse. The exaggerated puff sleeve and the ties down the middle that make you look like a present? SWOON. Finding out that each piece is handmade to order in France with natural fabrics that already exist (sometimes with leftovers from fashion houses) was seriously the cherry on top of this banana fudge sundae of a brand.

Other cool/badass things to note?

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Disclaimer: Jumpsuit c/o Everlane. This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own.

I love the idea of a one and done piece.

But I’ve always hesitated with jumpsuits.

It just seems like a nightmare to wear for anyone with a bladder and human needs. Unless there’s some trick to it and no one’s given me the 4-1-1.

Even with this dilemma, brands keep making jumpsuits and people continue to wear them. I’ve also been eyeing this Everlane one since it landed on their site. So when they offered to send me something from their summer collection, I knew it was time to investigate.

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I’m not a sandals/strappy shoe person.

It’s just really hard to get excited about strappy shoes when brands don’t cater to wide feet. And if they do, said shoes are also high on the function and low on the style. If you know, you know.

Hello…we’re out here. We want our feet to look nice too.

Anyway, I can’t really explain what got over me when I saw these sandals ($198) on Reformation’s site. My brain immediately went into “I have to have it” mode.

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*This is a sponsored post that contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own.

I’ve always written off cash back sites as not for me.

It’s too much work and it’ll take me forever to make more than just spare change.

Those were the excuses I would tell myself.

But the reason that really kept me way? Cash back sites just didn’t carry the brands I shop often.

Well, that changed when I learned about Jewel (referral link for your first $5) back in September.

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Lately, work lunches have been real sad around here.

It’s usually two pieces of bread with turkey, vegan cheese, and as much spinach that I can stuff. Or, it’s leftovers from the night before. Then, once a week, I’ll have a treat yourself moment and buy an overpriced lunch that I have to rush out in the cold to get and then eat at my desk. It’s not worth it, I tell myself. Then next week, I’ll do it again. The worst part? No matter what my lunch is for the day, hunger always strikes two hours later. What gives?

Instagram must have caught on to me because somehow I landed on the Sakara Life Instagram page.

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I’ve never been a fan of wool or cashmere sweaters.

They’ve always been too itchy, too expensive, and too hard to care for. At least, that’s what I thought. It always puzzled me that people willingly wore wool and cashmere in the winter. Were they in on some secret I didn’t know? And why oh why, is cashmere lauded as the most luxe of fabrics when anytime I put it on, it makes me feel like I’m being pricked by a thousand needles? And for these reasons, I’ve avoided wool and cashmere sweaters for the most part. Until now.

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