Hi! I’m Sophie.

I lived in NYC all my life. Naturally, that makes me a dreamer. When I was younger, dreams didn’t feel impossible. I just thought, that’s what I’ll do when I grow up.

My education

Over the course of time, I’ve wanted to be many things. Most recently, I thought I was on the path to becoming a therapist. I got my Masters in Mental Health Counseling in 2015 and thought this must be it. I get to do my dream job.

It took me about 10 months to find a job post-graduate school. And it wasn’t one where I was happy. I kept fantasizing about a time in my life where I would finally get to do what I love. But wait, when is that going to happen if I’m not working towards it right now? Also, what is it?

Taking a step back

So I did a bit of reflecting. I thought about my high school self. I thought about how much I loved reading magazines…YM, Seventeen, Teen Vogue…if it was glossy, I probably read it once. This was before blogging, Instagram, and the world of social media. My favorite part of each magazine was when they featured a “regular” girl and asked her to talk about her style, likes, and dislikes. I loved it even though I could never relate. They didn’t look like me or seem to share the same financial constraints as me. So I concluded that being in a magazine just wasn’t for someone like me.

When I went to college, I fantasized about writing for a magazine. One of my professors even mentioned that I should consider majoring in Journalism. But I always thought, “that’s not the path for me.” It’s not practical to be a writer. Unless you’re Carrie Bradshaw apparently. So I focused on becoming a therapist. My parents were happy and hopeful with my choice. I thought I was too. Until I realized that it wasn’t my dream at all.

No more waiting

As I encouraged others to work towards their goals and believed in their ability to do so…I questioned why I didn’t think that way for myself. Why not me? Why shouldn’t I get to write and talk about my style, my likes, and dislikes? Why shouldn’t I get to add my voice to the blogging community? Why shouldn’t I be a part of the conversation? And then I decided that I wasn’t going to wait for someone to give me my dream job. I am going to create it. No more waiting for the right time or the permission to do so.

My hope for this blog

With this blog, I hope to share with you things that enhance my life in some way, in hopes that it could be helpful. I love writing about my personal style, beauty and skincare, my travels, and my life. I hope this blog encourages you to dream. Because it should not matter what you look like or how much money you have in your bank account…dreaming is free. And as Gloria Steinem once said, “without leaps of imagination or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning.”

If you made it this far, thank you. I hope you stick around as I continue to plan and dream.