5 Things this week: Therapy, using a menstrual cup, clinical hours, Instagram, and losing my phone

I went apple picking yesterday and had my first macoun apple. So good!

I’m workshopping whether I should turn my blog into a newsletter. I personally prefer reading everything in an email format delivered straight to my mailbox. I also know that people like searching for reviews of things. In an effort to figure out what works, I’m going to try out recapping my week by sharing 5 things that happened/things I thought about.

This week in particular has been perfect for me to workshop this. It was both eventful and dramatic. Way more than I preferred. So in no particular order, let’s get right into 5 things that happened this week.

1. I tried to end my relationship with my therapist and it turned into such a productive conversation.  Everything seemed like it was out of my control and that I just needed to be more patient. She challenged me to think about why I was trying to walk out of the door at this particular moment in time. Turns out there’s something I’ve been ignoring that needs healing. Guess it was finally time.

2. For the first time ever, I successfully used a menstrual cup all throughout my cycle. I didn’t buy any pads and actually used up the remaining few that I had left. I did leak once and it was only because I didn’t have the cup fully opened inside. I realized at work and instinct kicked in and I was able to take it out and put it back in properly. AT WORK! This was my number one fear with using the cup. Having to take it out at work and not being able to. Guess when push comes to shove and I have no time to second guess, I really go for it. Can you tell I was super proud? And, should I do a review? 

3. On the same day that I told my therapist that I felt stuck waiting for things to happen, that very afternoon afterwards I found out that I could start accruing clinical hours. Which means I can eventually get my license as a mental health counselor!! F-I-N-A-L-L-Y! I have been waiting for an opportunity like this since I graduated in 2015. It has been a disheartening journey but I am finally here. A reminder that not everything happens right away like it’s supposed to. Even though it’s very very frustrating.

4. My legs were photoshopped onto a girl’s body in someone I don’t know’s instagram post.

My original photo (below).

I’m convinced it’s a bot account. This is disturbing and creepy on so many levels., For one, I have no idea who this person is. Two, I didn’t consent to this. Three, this was a photo from two years ago that was on my feed and was deleted almost a year ago. Four, someone took the time to do this photoshop work and then tagged me in it. I was very confused and proceeded to remove a ton of followers I thought were bots. Then I put my profile on private for a day and then reverted it back to public yesterday. I guess you can’t share without someone being creepy with your stuff. I just wish there were better ways to address it. I did file a copyright infringement claim on Instagram, which was not the most user friendly. If Instagram really cared about users, they would make it easier to contact a person directly for issues like this. 

5. I lost my phone for about 15 minutes and I was lucky enough to get it back. I thought I dropped my phone into my bag on my way home from the train station. I didn’t. I called it and retraced my steps and luckily someone picked up and told me they were looking for an emergency contact to call to return the phone. Luckily, she was right at the corner of my block and I couldn’t thank her enough when I finally got it back. I was also partly ashamed when I told her she “saved my life”. Then again, I couldn’t have said, thank you because I really can’t handle the financial and emotional stress of paying $1000 for a new phone right now. Because saving me from all that is saving my life. So, thank you kind stranger! 

Was this week A LOT or what? Should I turn this into a newsletter or keep it as a blog post? What was something eventful for you this week?

Thanks for stopping by.

See you in my next post!

Sophie 🙂

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