Review: Reformation “menage” sandals

I’m not a sandals/strappy shoe person.

It’s just really hard to get excited about strappy shoes when brands don’t cater to wide feet. And if they do, said shoes are also high on the function and low on the style. If you know, you know.

Hello…we’re out here. We want our feet to look nice too.

Anyway, I can’t really explain what got over me when I saw these sandals ($198) on Reformation’s site. My brain immediately went into “I have to have it” mode.

Actually, I’m lying. I was looking for something gold for my Secret Cinema outfit and this immediately stood out to me. P.S. Secret Cinema is an immersive theater experience and the one I’m going to is Casino Royale themed aka “Call me Bond. James Bond”.

Even though I went ahead and ordered them, I knew there was a very high chance of me returning them. That’s usually the drill when I buy anything online. Especially when it comes to shoes. I mean, those size charts are rarely accurate and there’s always the possibility that the shoes are made by someone who hates feet. You could say, I didn’t have high expectations here.

Then they arrived and I fell in love.

The end.

Just kidding.

Let’s get into the nitty gritty: sizing, comfort, and how I would wear them.


Reformation’s site suggests going down half a size so I went with my usual size, US 7.5. Usually when I wear sandals or anything with straps, I have to go a half size up to an 8. So I went down half a size from an 8 instead of my true size of 7.5. So I would say that they’re true to size for wide feet folks but fit half a size large for those with narrow or medium width feet.


Initially, my left foot felt a little loose in them. But then as I started walking and my feet expanded, everything sorted itself out and I didn’t feel any slipping or sliding.

I didn’t walk miles and miles in them to test them out but I did do some strolling through a hilly park, and I had no complaints. I didn’t feel any rubbing or shooting pain like I usually do with heels or new shoes.

The leather straps are soft and even have elastic at the bottom for the perfect fit. The footbed, to my surprise, actually felt really comfortable. The 1.5 inch chunky heel is also perfect. Reformation seems to know a thing or two about what women want in their shoes. And, they’re new to making shoes. Take notes, shoe brands.

I felt like I could wear these to work and be okay. But maybe not on the days where I walk miles and miles. And I’m okay with that. The only annoying thing I foreshadow would be people stepping on me on the train. But that has nothing to do with the shoes and everything to do with the humans of New York.

How I would wear them

I wore them to brunch yesterday with my white jeans, striped top, and straw bag and I felt so good. I’ve worn this top and bottom combo countless times but this time, it felt new and fresh.

I would also wear them for summer weddings, hot summer days with shorts, and of course, jeans. And pants. And skirts. And everything in between. Yup, they go with everything.

Final thoughts

I’m pretty much over the moon with these sandals.

They make me feel like I could have been a chic extra on Sex and the City.

I love it in gold but the white and green versions are just as nice. And honestly, if I had money to burn I would collect all three.

Overall, if you have $198 you are willing to part with, these might be your best friend this summer and every summer after.

That’s it for this review love letter.

Got questions? I have answers, probably. Ask away 🙂

Thanks for stopping by.

See you in my next post!

Sophie 🙂

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