Things I really liked in Q1 of 2019

I’m back with a favorites post, y’all.

I honestly had nothing new to report about January and most of February. Until I went on vacation. I was mostly trying to survive winter because I truly am a big baby when it comes to the cold. And now that Spring has sprung, so has my list of favorites for quarter one of 2019.

Without further delay and because I’m terrible at intros, let’s dive right in…

Kérastase elixir ultime oil serum

I love this hair oil. It’s honestly the best one I’ve tried for my hair type (oily roots, dry ends). It immediately smooths out my hair post shampoo and has such a beautiful, warm scent. I’m no good at describing scents but it’s not overpowering at all. Even my coworker with the super sensitive nose can’t detect it. It does come with a hefty $50 price tag BUT this whole bottle will probably last a whole year for me. I’ve been using it for a month now and I have barely made a dent in it.


How I like to use: when my hair is close to being dry, I like to apply this on the ends of my hair to smooth everything out. If my hair isn’t completely dry when I go to bed, I’ll let it dry while sleeping (sorry, mom!) and apply the oil all throughout my hair in the morning. It tames my flyaways down and my hair is not weighed down at all. This truly is the crème de la crème of hair oils.

Aquis hair towel

This purchase was entirely prompted by how horrified I was by the amount of flyaways/hair breakage happening at the top of my head. I stared at the selfie I needed to submit for work and wondered how it ever got this bad. Of course, I could just crop it out in the photo but in real life I can’t do that. So naturally, I started googling solutions and stumbled upon this hair towel. Apparently, you can’t just use your regular ol’ cotton towels for your hair. Who knew? I decided to give this a go and I am so glad I did. This dries my hair super fast and doesn’t pull at my scalp. And, my hair feels so soft and strong afterwards. The latter never being a word I thought I would use to describe my hair ever. I’m hoping that with continued use, I’ll see less and less hair breakage. In the meantime, I have no complaints. This gets two thumbs up. P.S. If you have long hair, I would definitely go for the longer version.

Reformation’s morrow pant (I’m wearing an xs…OR get the matching set)

These are my dream pants in real life form. They’re the kind of pants you can wear at home, on vacation, and even to a casual work environment. Well, I can’t wear them at home because I have a certain feline named Esteban terrorizing me with his impossible hair. BUT, I have worn them to work with sneakers and an oversized sweater. And, they work on vacation with a tee and a pair of slides. It works all year round and goes with everything. If it was cat proof then it’d be perfect. Other than that, it’s pretty damn close.

Nanushka meg hoodie (I’m wearing a small, currently on sale)

This sweater hoodie is truly the sweater of my dreams. Full disclaimer: I will 100% refer to another sweater in the future as such. This one from is warm, has a kangaroo pocket, and works for both casual Fridays at the office and off-duty days on the weekend. This hoodie reminds me so much of sixth grade. I had a lavender Old Navy hoodie complete with the matching backpack and lunchbag. I was a fan of a full lavender look back then (still am). Nostalgia aside, I’ve been wearing this nonstop. I’m already looking forward to wearing this on my flight…two months from now. Yup, that’s amore.

Naadam oversized wool sweater

I mentioned before in my review of these sweaters that wool sweaters aren’t my thing. My mind has clearly changed since. This oversized turtleneck sweater (I’m wearing an xs) is my favorite out of the two that I own. Especially, because of the “pebble” color. Since it’s so neutral, the pilling on the sweater is barely noticeable. The white cropped sweater (I’m wearing a small) I have from them, on the other hand, has more visible pilling. But that just means it needs a little more TLC with a sweater comb. It’s not perfect but it’s manageable.

I like that they’re easy to wash too. No “dry clean only” silliness here. I’ve washed them in mesh bags on the delicate cycle with no problems (I use The Laundress wool and cashmere shampoo). I let them dry flat and they’re as good as new. They seriously pulled me through the last leg of winter and I truly don’t know what I would have done without them. It’s spring now so I won’t babble on about wool sweaters but they did recently release their summer cashmere collection which has me intrigued. Anyway, come next Fall/Winter, you’ll want to remember this brand. But only if you’re a fan of sweaters that keep you warm and make you feel like you’re being hugged by Oprah 😉.

J.Crew fleece pullover

(currently sold out BUT Madewell makes a similar version here and here’s another similar version that comes with a hood)

This pullover (I’m wearing an xs) is perfect and J.Crew needs to come out with fresh colors for next Fall/Winter. I love the cropped/boxy silhouette, how cozy it is, and the pockets! I’ve worn it at least once every week since I got it. And, on the weekend, when I’m literally scratching my head about what to wear, this is my go-to. This truly is a winter staple. And, doesn’t it look so good with hoop earrings?

Faithfull the brand high-waisted bikini

I loved wearing this set (I’m wearing the small) on vacation. It was so comfortable both pre and post eating. No weird bunching and just the right amount of support on top and bottom. As the saying goes, you can have your cake and eat it too. I never understood that expression. Of course, you’re going to eat the cake. What else are you going to do with it? Silly expressions, tricks are cake is for eating. But seriously, high-waisted is the way to go.

Fancy bobby pins (the colorful version is no longer available but they still have the set of 3 silver ones and here’s a value friendly 12-pack of rhinestone bobby pins from Kitsch…I’m personally eyeing the one that feelings in rhinestones 🤪)

These are not your average black bobby pins. You won’t want to throw these in your bag only to find them gone forever. Does anyone else lose bobby pins like they’re leaving bread crumbs for Hansel and Gretel?? And, you definitely won’t want to pry them open with your teeth. These are the kind of bobby pins you store neatly in the pouch it comes with and hide away like they’re your most precious jewels. All exaggerations aside, this fancy set of bobby pins really amped up my vacation looks. And, it required just the teensiest amount of effort (my favorite kind). The other day, my hair was greasy and I didn’t have time to wash it before work so I just pinned one side back with the yellow one.

I felt like it totally took the attention away from my greasy hair. And if it didn’t, at least the greasiness was away from my face.

Reformation dresses (Lucky, the wrap dress and Peach, the midi dress with the spaghetti straps)

Reformation, hands down, makes the best summer dresses. I panic shopped before vacation back in February and found these two gems. I generally don’t shop in stores anymore because they never have my size (I’m wearing a small in Lucky and a 2 in Peach) and I just have no patience for it but Reformation truly is the perfect place to pick up summer clothes. Both dresses were not only comfortable but really captured my vacation mood. I can’t wait to dress them down for summer weekends and dress them up a little for work. I mean…can it be summer already?

Snack picks

Since it’s been a while, I have a lot of snacks to share with y’all. Here are my faves as of late, in no particular order:

Plant snacks in the vegan cheddar flavor: a really tasty option if you’re dairy-free/lactose intolerant and craving a cheesy, crunchy snack.
Unreal dark chocolate peanut butter cups (available @ Whole Foods too) they’re a healthier and tastier Reese’s peanut butter cup, without any of the guilt.
Simple Mills Original Crackers (also available @ Whole Foods): these are flavorful without being overly salty. A perfect desk-friendly snack aka low on the crunchy noise meter and not crumbly.
Trader Joe’s bite size everything crackers: if you like everything bagels, you’ll LURVE these crackers. Also, very office friendly.
Trader Joe’s rolled corn tortilla chips: these are packed full of flavor. You can definitely taste the chilli and lime. I’m not kidding y’all, there is so much spice in this.
Pro tip: Best consumed with chopsticks so you don’t get chili lime dust all over your fingers.

That’s everything!

Thanks for stopping by and getting through this unnecessarily long post where I yap about material objects I’ve been really into.

Until next time!

Sophie 🙂

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. This is not an ad. All opinions are my own.