Shopping Diaries: November 2018

After overspending on my wardrobe last year, I decided to track my spending. At the beginning of each month, I will review and reflect on the things I bought in the previous month. I hope the insights I gain from doing this will help me accomplish three goals: 1) avoid overspending, 2) shop smarter (quality not quantity), and 3) have a functional closet full of pieces I love to wear.

Snapshot of last month’s receipt

$45 Reformation long sleeve tee

+ $63 Entireworld sweatpants (10% off if you subscribe to their email)

$169.20 Citizens of Humanity corduroy pants (pink version is on sale here)

+ $10 to get them hemmed

+ $134 Isabel Marant Etoile cardigan (it was on sale and I used Jewel ($5 referral link) to get 10% cashback)

+ $12 express shipping which was my only option 😭 since SSENSE only offers free shipping after you spend a minimum of $200.

BUT it basically becomes free after getting $13.40 cashback from Jewel.

+ $86.40 For both PJ top (currently on sale for $40 and comes in a navy version too) and bottom

+ $48.75 Madewell sweatpants

+ $25.50 Madewell bralette

$3.17 Jewel cashback from Madewell

+ $19.90 Uniqlo x Alexander Wang heattech leggings

= $587.18 

The details (what I bought and kept)

Reformation long sleeve tee (size: xs) 

This is the perfect layering tee. The cream color is perfect for all year round and the ribbed knit looks and feels so cozy. I could easily wear this to sleep too. I’ve been layering this underneath cashmere and wool sweaters. This way I get the warmth of wearing cashmere and wool but none of the itchiness. This is also perfect for times when I’m feeling too lazy to tuck longer tops into my jeans since this one is slightly cropped.

Entireworld sweatpants (size: xs)

I love these sweatpants! I already talked about them in my November favorites here. These are so cozy and are the perfect length for me (I usually buy jeans with a 26-27 inch inseam and for size reference: I’m usually a size 25 in jeans). They hold their shape in the waist, probably because of the thicker waistband. They sag a bit in the butt naturally from wear but all you have to do is pull them up and problem solved. I’ve been wearing these for a few weeks now and I’m waiting for the other colors to come back in stock. Surprisingly, these gray ones have not been sold out yet. I definitely wouldn’t sleep on these…I would sleep in them 😉.

Citizens of Humanity corduroy pants (size: 25)

I have mixed feelings about these pants. When I tried them on, they fit perfectly. They were snug throughout the leg but comfortable in the waist. They’re also really warm without having to wear an extra layer underneath. Sounds perfect, no? Then I washed them without putting them in the dryer and they totally stretched out on me. They bagged out in the thighs and knees which just looked sloppy. I reached out to Citizens of Humanity about this issue but they haven’t gotten back to me. So I decided to wash and dry them. It made a huge difference and now they’re back to how they fit when I first tried them on. I’ll have to put them in the dryer every time I wash them which I’m not a fan of. Anyone wash and dry corduroy, and can tell me that it’s going to turn out alright?? Let me know!

Isabel Marant Etoile cardigan (size: 34 but I could have gone up to a 36).

I’ve been eyeing this cardigan since the end of summer. I’ve never seen this rosy, heathered shade of pink before on a cardigan so it definitely looked unique to me. So when I saw that it was on sale on SSENSE, I got excited and ordered it. The fact that I would get 10% cashback for my order (via Jewel) just made me check out faster. Because of the snugger fit, I can only layer a thin tee underneath but I don’t mind. I definitely could have gotten a size 36 but I guess I wanted it to fit snugger than what it looked like on the model. Either way, I have no regrets. I can see myself layering this underneath thicker cardigans (below) and wearing it on its own through the warmer months.

Skarlett Blue PJ top (size: s because its quite cropped but I could have gone with a medium too) and bottom (size: xs)

I’ve been meaning to buy new pjs for a while. Shopbop sent me a 10% coupon so I used that as a sign to finally get these pjs I’ve been eyeing. These are the perfect ribbed knit and feel so cozy. You may be wondering, it’s almost winter, why are you buying shorts for sleeping?? Turns out our down blanket is so good at keeping us warm that anything but a thin tee and shorts will result in major sleep sweats. So shorts are perfect since they work all year round, clearly. Anyway, if you’re looking for cute new pjs, these are definitely worth checking out.

Madewell sweatpants (size: xs)

I got these sweats during Madewell’s Black Friday sale.  I wanted another pair of sweats to alternate so I don’t wear out my Entireworld ones. And these seem perfect. These are so, so soft. Even softer than the Entireworld ones. They’re lightweight but plush at the same time. I definitely recommend drying these after washing OR going down your usual size. Officially planning all my weekend outfits around these sweats.

Madewell bralette (size: xs)

This bralette actually has the same kind of clasp as a bra but none of the discomfort. It’s padded and is the closest I’ll ever get to not wearing a bra but wearing one at the same time. If you’re not a fan of bras, this one is the perfect alternative. Now, Madewell just needs to make this in all the colors.

Uniqlo x Alexander Wang heattech leggings (size: s)

Close up of the knit material:

These are thin but warm at the same time. They’re also the perfect ankle length. The only downside is the thick waistband that bunches up with wear. Other than that, my legs are 100% prepared for winter.

The numbers

$587.18 = November total

$4,883.64 = Year to date total

9 = Number of items added to my closet in November

45 = Number of items added to my closet so far this year

Final thoughts

I can’t believe I bought nine new items last month. Do pajamas and underthings count? If they don’t then it’s just six items…not too bad, right?

Oh, in case you think my Black Friday purchases were tame then you must know that I purchased a crap ton of stuff that I sent right back. Every year I tell myself I’ll have a game plan and never get to it. Major mistake. Maybe remembering how Vadim had to wait on line inside a Fedex for 45 minutes just to ship back a sweater for me will remind me to get my act together next year.

Remember my intended shopping ban? Yea, that’s not happening at all this year. Starting a new job in the middle of the year and in the middle of doing this whole shopping diaries journey has really changed the trajectory of where I hoped to be by now. For example, a winter jacket that actually covers my butt just became a necessity. Since I wasn’t working last winter, being outside in the cold without a decent length jacket wasn’t a life or death by frost-bite matter. Until now. Fingers crossed the one I ordered over the weekend fits the bill. Will keep you posted in my next shopping diaries post, of course.

As for that budget of $700 for the rest of 2018 that I set for myself last month? Yea, that clearly isn’t something I’m going to be able to stick to. And you know what? I’m not going to beat myself up over it. There’s nothing that I have purchased last month or intend to purchase this month that are frivolous or impractical. On my list for this month:

1) a winter jacket that covers my butt

2) a pair of black boots that I can wear to work, preferably one with a rubber sole

3) a pair of cozy boots to keep my feet toasty and warm on the weekends when I run errands, visit my parents and in-laws, and other off-duty activities that don’t involve sprawling out on my couch with a snack attached to my hip.

Is it obvious that I’m totally unprepared for winter?

What did you buy last month? What’s on your list for December? What are your winter must-haves?

Thanks for stopping by.

See you in my next post!

Sophie 🙂

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. This is not an ad. All opinions are my own.