Shopping Diaries: September 2018

After overspending on my wardrobe last year, I decided to track my spending. At the beginning of each month, I will review and reflect on the things I bought in the previous month. I hope the insights I gain from doing this will help me accomplish three goals: 1) avoid overspending, 2) shop smarter (quality not quantity), and 3) have a functional closet full of pieces I love to wear.

Snapshot of last month’s receipt

$58.50 Delivery shipping ($35) and return shipping ($23.50) on this Rouje sweater dress. This was the only shipping option and there was no free returns option. P.S. this was further complicated by the fact that it was shipped from and returned to France. Will I ever learn my lesson expensive shipping/international shipping prices??

$240 Sézane blouses x2

$161.14 Aritzia cardigan that gave me such a headache (backstory in my recent Money Diaries post here)

+ $146.31 Everlane cashmere cardigan (originally $150 but I had mysterious $17 store credit probably for the shipping fiasco I experienced during their warehouse move) 

= $605.95 

The details (what I bought and kept)

Sézane “Mathilda” blouse

I’ve worn this once so far. For size reference: I’m wearing a size 36. I usually wear xs in tops. I’ve read reviews about Sézane sizing running small so I went with the 36, but maybe I would have been fine with the 34 as well.

When I ordered it, I had no idea it would be sheer. I’ve been meaning to buy a white tank for times like this, so I didn’t mind. I’ve worn it once and I really like how smooth the silk feels. I definitely prefer wearing the top tucked it, I think it makes an outfit look a bit more polished and chic. Tucked into high-waisted pants, of course. I imagine that this will look really cute with skirts as well. I feel like this is going to be a staple in my closet, not just for work but for fancier occasions as well.

In terms of quality, I machine washed it this past weekend and it was totally fine. So glad this isn’t dry clean only, that would have been a pain. I do like to put my delicate items in a mesh bag and wash it on the gentle/delicate cycle.

Sézane “Gabbie” blouse

Can you spot Esteban in this photo (below)?

I also got this in a 36.

I wasn’t so sure if I wanted to get this top at first. Not because I was unsure of how it would look on me or what size I would be.  I was unsure of whether I should pay $120 for a top that I would have to be very, very careful wearing. If it snags, I’m screwed. If I get pasta sauce on it, I’m screwed. If Esteban gets his paws on it, I’m definitely screwed. And yet, against all rationality, I bought this top.

I haven’t worn it out yet but I really really like how it looks. So I kept it.

It makes me feel happy and pretty. There’s not much depth here, people.

I have yet to decide where I plan on wearing this but when I do… I know I’ll be walking around like I’ve lost my marbles trying to keep myself at distance from any sign of disaster #worthit.

P.S. My Sézane came with this tote which I think is such a cute touch.

Aritzia “Tina” cardigan

I got this in a xs.

There’s a whole back story about this cardigan but, long story short, Aritzia’s quality can be inconsistent. But for the price and style, I’ll suck it up. This time anyway.

I like that it’s heavy enough to look like a jacket. Not to mention, it’s quite warm. I can wear this on a 50-60 something degree day and be fine. The color is also so classic. It literally goes with everything. And, it feels really soft for merino wool which I usually find to be too itchy.

This is definitely a staple I’m happy to add to my closet.

Everlane cashmere square v-neck cardigan

I got this in an xs.

In the past, I have always found cashmere to be too itchy. But, I saw this cashmere cardigan on Everlane’s Instagram story and really liked how boxy and cozy it looked. I also had a $17 credit in my account so it was the perfect excuse to buy.

It’s not soft like the Aritzia cardigan BUT it’s not nearly as itchy as some of the wool and cashmere sweaters on the market. I’ve worn this once with a long sleeved tee and I wasn’t bothered by it. I put on a sleeveless top underneath it the other day, and it wasn’t my favorite feeling so I changed my outfit.

I read that cashmere softens with wear so I’m hoping it will be fine after one winter. Either way, I’m not too concerned and I still really like this cardigan, and can tell I’ll be wearing it nonstop.

I guess I’m really on track to being the fabulous grandpa that I was born to be.

The numbers

$605.95 = September total

$3,767.99 = Year to date total

4 = Number of items added to closet in September

32 = Number of items added to closet so far this year

Final thoughts

September was all about tops. It was completely unplanned but very necessary.

Most of the tops I own lean towards the basic and casual side of things, so I’m really happy to add two very pretty pieces into the mix.

And is anyone surprised that I picked up two new cardigans for Fall? As the fictional character, Cady Heron once said, “the limit does not exist.”

Not going to lie though, this month’s spending did get a little out of hand with the Shopbop sale a few weeks ago. But, I ended up returning everything so no harm, no foul. Something about the words “save” and “sale” just make my brain go loopy and act like money grows on trees. I’m working on reigning it in but, it’s definitely not easy.

With this in mind, I’ve decided I want to cap my spending for this entire year at $5,000. This means that I have about $1200 left for the next three months, which I think is plenty. Stay tuned to see how I do 😉.

What did you buy this month? 

Thanks for stopping by.

See you in my next post!

Sophie 🙂

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