Money Diary #4: A very expensive week

Reformation cardigan (old), Everlane cami, AGOLDE jeans, Repetto flats, and Clare V. bag

It’s been a minute since my last money diary. And it seems like I chose the perfect time to do one since it was a very expensive week. You get to see how I act when there’s a sale. In other words, I don’t know how to act and just charge it. I also went to two brunches on the weekend which is super rare for me since I prefer eating breakfast in my pajamas while watching something on Netflix.

Anyway, it really went down this week.

So without further rambling, let’s get into it.


I have a really long day at work BUT on my train ride home I get an email that I have early access to Shopbop’s buy more, save more sale. I scroll through the things I hearted and add things to my cart. I look at the total and contemplate which items to take out.

I decide to take out a trench coat I’ve been wanting for weeks. I just can’t justify spending over $500 on a jacket I’ll wear maybe 20% of the year.

I get home and finish dinner in a hurry so I can keep editing my shopping cart.

I ask for Vadim’s help and finally, I decide to go with a pair of Charlotte Olympia kitty flats (the stretchy ones instead of the classic loafers), a pair of light wash AGOLDE jeans with no distress so I can wear them to work on casual Fridays, and a set of two Laundress mesh bags for delicate laundry items. Really exciting stuff over here. And because I spend over $500, I get 25% off. I feel a twinge of regret and second guessing myself but I ignore it. $504.63

Monday total: $504.63


I have leftovers for lunch and realize I’m still hungry. Good thing I took the entire box of Trader Joe’s peanut butter sandwich crackers with me to work. I decide to have some and leave the rest in my drawer for the rest of the week. They’re so good that I can’t stop eating them.

My friend texts me to meet up for a post lunch treat. I decide it’s a good idea since I’m feeling sluggish.

Then it downpours and we have to take a literal rain check.

Head home and try to get more people to enter my Eyejust blue light blocking screen protector giveaway (my review here).

Tuesday total: $0


Have leftovers again for lunch.

Vadim texts me that our bread that we didn’t even open yet, grew mold. I text him back saying I’ll get some on the way home.

After work I walk to Whole Foods. I pick up a loaf of bread and a pack of black tea. $6.98

I get home, eat dinner, and before you know it’s 9 pm. Time to pick a giveaway winner! I use a randomizer and a winner is selected.

I make an order for the winner’s screen protector, and I also get one for my work phone and one for Vadim’s phone. $79.28

I unwind by scrolling through Rent the Runway and contemplate on whether I should do the unlimited option again. In case you don’t know what it is, it’s an opportunity to rent four pieces at a time and swap out however many times throughout the month. I wrote a review here. It was really helpful when I was interviewing for jobs and didn’t have anything professional enough to wear. I decide there’s not enough things I’m crazy about renting so I decide not to sign up for it again.

Wednesday total: $86.26


I eat my sandwich while watching the second half of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony. All I have to say is I believe her.

And then I find myself tuning back in to watch Brett Kavanaugh’s side of things. I am perplexed by his anger, his sniffling, and his incessant need for water. It’s all just so hard to watch.

I try catching the rest of the hearing on my way home but my signal is shoddy. I read a bunch of headlines and I feel almost as badly as I did the day after the election two years ago.

I come home and my Shopbop order is waiting for me. I open it up and try on the Charlotte Olympia flats. They look terrible on my feet. I then try on the AGOLDE jeans in the same size (24) I have in the darker wash, and it doesn’t fit. I can’t even pull it up. Guess both of these are going back. What a disappointment! The only thing I’m keeping is the Laundress mesh bags for delicate laundry. Womp womp.

I decide I still want the AGOLDE jeans so I order it in a 25. I end up paying a little more for it because I don’t spend more than $500 to get the 25% discount. Paying more for the same thing I paid less for a few days ago definitely doesn’t feel good. $163.75

Thursday total: $163.75


It’s finally Friday! This week felt so long.

It’s finally cold enough to wear my new cardigan from Aritzia. So I wear that with my mockneck tee from Everlane because it is feeling a whole lot chillier today. I guess Fall is really here now.

My friend and I meet up for lunch at Jajaja. It’s a vegan Mexican food spot and it is SO good. Their breaky burrito is my go-to. After our meal, I get some chocolate chip cookies to go for Vadim. My friend pays with her card and I venmo her. $20

I come back from lunch and I notice that there’s a rip on the sleeve of my new cardigan. Ugh, why?!

I reach out to customer service and they tell me to send pictures to look into it. So I do that right away, of course.

I get a response pretty quickly and they tell me that I can go to a store closest to me to exchange or get store credit. I decide to test my luck and attempt an exchange. I call the store in Soho and they tell me they have one left in my size. They put it on hold for me. YES!

After work I speed walk to Soho so I can get in and get out, and head home. I inspect the cardigan to make sure there are no rips or holes. It looks brand new so I make the exchange and head home.

I get home and try on a bunch of things that arrived. I decide to return a blouse from the French brand, Sézane. I didn’t realize it had lace cutouts going down the chest and belly when I ordered it. Gotta take a closer look at details next time.

I try on these joggers I ordered on Amour Vert using a bit of my leftover store credit. It feels itchy so I decide it has to go back as well.

Finally, I open the Aritzia bag and take a look at the cardigan I exchanged in store. Turns out, they gave me a small and not an x-small. I contemplate keeping it to avoid going through the trouble again. I try it on and it’s just a tad too big and I don’t want to regret not doing anything about it so I contact customer service, yet again. I’m surprised they still have someone available to chat since it’s past usual business hours. The woman on the phone tells me I can send the cardigan back to the store for a refund. I can also make a new order for the right size on the phone with her. So I do that. $161.14

Friday total: $181.14


It’s officially the weekend!

Vadim really wants to go to brunch and I can’t seem to decide on a place to go.

We have some cereal and make our breakfast drinks of choice. These days I’m obsessed with milk tea (black tea with oat milk and a bit of honey). It’s so good! Brings me back to my childhood when I used to buy milk tea from Chinese bakeries. Ah…the days before I became lactose intolerant.

We finally decide to go to Parlay in Sunset Park. The food never disappoints and it’s only a 15 minute drive away so we head there.

We both go with the breakfast sandwich. I get mine without cheese. We also order a side of spicy fries. And good thing we did because they were delicious.

Our bill comes out to $18.75 (not including tip). This is a really good deal as far as brunch in Brooklyn goes. I pay since I have a bunch of cash and it’s a cash only place. We leave full and happy. $25

We stop by Rite Aid on the way back to the apartment for a pack of printer paper, a tide pen, and a six-pack of Sam Adam’s Oktoberfest. Vadim charges it on his card (~$21).

We also stop into my in-laws’ house to pick up the three pound bag of walnuts and pack of smoked salmon that they picked up for us in Costco. They’re kind enough to get it for us. Thanks, in-laws!

We get home and I print out the shipping labels to return my online shopping duds. We walk to Fedex and UPS to drop off my packages.

We come back and grab our tote bags for our Trader Joe’s run.

But before that, we head to my parents’ for dinner. My mom buys two kinds of pork (char siu and roast pork) for Vadim, a Vietnamese sandwich, also for Vadim, and makes a few dishes on the side too. We’re full, say our goodbyes, and head to Trader Joe’s.

We stock up on our usual goods and head home. Vadim charges it on his card (~$160).

We head home and watch the new season of Chef’s Table with dinner.

Saturday total: $25


Esteban tries to wake us up at 6:45 in the morning. NOOOPE.

We close our bedroom door to tune out the meowing. Esteban gets the message.

We finally wake up and have some cereal to start our day.

I head to brunch and Vadim goes to visit his grandparents.

It feels so good to finally catch up with my friends from grad school. They’re both doing really well and I’m so proud of them. They want to pay with cash. So I pay the bill with my card and they each give me $30. $30 for my share.

On my way home I stop by Trader Joe’s to pick up a pack of dried cherries for Vadim’s mom (we totally forgot to pick it up yesterday). I pick up a Health Ade Kombucha to drink on the way home, and I’m so glad I did because now I know their pink lady apple flavor is delicious. $9.29

Vadim’s family comes over with food and we have dinner on our buiding’s rooftop. It’s chilly but the sunset is so pretty that we power through our meal.

We come back downstairs for tea and sweets. They head out and we unwind by watching the latest episode of 90 day fiancé: before the 90 days. It’s so bizarre and we’re obsessed.

Sunday total: $39.29 

Total spending for the week: $1,000.07

This week was such a heavy spend week.

It’s no surprise that Shopbop has a sale and I end up spending way more than I would want to on a normal day. I even felt pressure to buy more because my brain doesn’t know how to act around sales.

And two brunches in one weekend? Definitely atypical for me. Nevertheless, it was a really exciting week for my credit card.

What are some exciting purchases you’ve made lately?

Thanks for stopping by. See you in my next post!

Sophie 🙂 

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