Things I really liked in September 2018

Goodbye September!

September was all about sticking to a routine.

I wore the same clothes over and over and experienced nothing exciting with my skincare routine.

Well, something new did happen.

My forehead erupted in breakouts that won’t go away. It’s frustrating but it isn’t my first rodeo. I’m currently trying something that I think worked last time but so far it’s been a slow process. As soon as I see results, I’m sharing it on here. As for right now, it’s really killing my self-esteem. It’s so hard to not feel like people are staring and making assumptions about my hygiene. I know we’re way past that old way of thinking but it’s still so ingrained in me from my high school days.

Pimple woes aside, September had some exciting moments as well.

Vadim and I celebrated our two year wedding (dinner) anniversary. I wore the same dress (original dress found on Therealreal here in a size 0 which is the size I have) I wore that day two years ago, except this time it was a bit edited. Both pictures below were taken right before heading to dinner. It will be interesting to see if I wear the dress again next year. And if I do, I wonder how I’ll style it then.

Another exciting moment in September: I did my first ever giveaway!

The picture below is an instagram story I posted to encourage people to enter the giveaway for this Eyejust blue light blocking screen protector (Code: BANISHTHEBLUES for free shipping).

I’m so grateful that five people took the time to enter this giveaway. I always thought I had to get way more readers and followers on Instagram to do one. But I was so excited about this screen protector that I had to share. Never thought you could really get excited about something like this but hey, we are living in 2018 when phones are only getting more and more attached to our hands. And in the end, it all worked out. I guess I didn’t really need the impressive numbers to make it happen. I just had to do it.

Now that I’ve given you the rundown of my month, let’s get into favorites.

P.S. I just listed everything this time since most things were lifestyle favorites. Like I said, nothing exciting happened in the fashion and beauty department.


1) Alexandre de Paris prince medium hair clip

I’ve been wearing this hair clip nonstop. Mostly because my hair is going through that awkward growing out phase where my ends are just so flippy. Most mornings I wake up to a mushroom shaped bob. It’s exactly as attractive as it sounds.

This clip makes even the greasiest of hair days manageable. I definitely spend way less time on my hair now.

It’s not the cheapest hair clip but it definitely feels like it’s well made. I’ve had it for a month and so far no signs of it breaking anytime soon. Hopefully, I didn’t just jinx myself.

2) Catbird big hoop dream earrings

I probably talked about these hoops in a previous favorites but these really are the best, minimal hoop earrings. They’re visible enough and are so lightweight. I always feel a bit more pulled together with these on.

3) Trader Joe’s spearmint lip balm

This comes in a pack of 3 for under $5. It contains spf 15 and 50% of the ingredients are organic. And, it doesn’t contain petroleum, in case that matters to you. It feels really nice on the lips. No sticky feeling at all. If you’re looking for a better lip balm for daytime, definitely check out your local Trader Joe’s.

4) Eyejust blue light blocking screen protector

If you read my review then you know this screen protector has been a game changer for my eyes. They definitely feel less tired and strained when I’m scrolling through my phone. I definitely don’t think we’re headed to a place where we use our phones less so this might be something to pick up if you want to protect your eyes, your skin, and your sleep. Use the code: BANISHTHEBLUES for free shipping.

5) West Elm Eddy couch

Life hasn’t been the same with this couch. It’s been infinitely better. Before we got this, we combined two pieces of furniture that were mismatched and so uncomfortable. I kept bumping into the wooden arm rest that stood in between the two pieces of furniture and it just wasn’t working. But now, we really have one big comfy couch. Who remembers that show on PBS? 

I’m not sure I would recommend customizing a couch on West Elm since ours was delayed by one month which then turned into a three month long wait. We also were limited in choices since we wanted a couch that Esteban wouldn’t scratch up. So we went with their performance velvet material because apparently it’s cat proof (so far, so good). We also chose the shade “lagoon” which we thought was the most practical color. And because of this we couldn’t just get one that was already available to ship. Other than that, this couch is super comfortable and I would highly recommend it.

6) Oatly oat milk

I think I’ve hit peak millennial.

A few weeks ago I was scoffing at people freaking out over the oat milk shortage, and now I’m one of those people. I ran out the other day and I just didn’t want to go back to watery almond milk.

Oat milk is creamy like milk but way more delicious, and with no aftertaste. It’s perfect for making milk tea without the milk. I use regular black tea with a splash of oat milk and a little bit of honey. It’s so good!

I’d definitely give this is a try if you’re lactose intolerant or just want a better milk alternative.

7) 90 day Fiancé: Before the 90 days

None of the romantic relationships make any sense on this show. I’m convinced that most of the people in these relationships are trying to take advantage. I mean most of these Americans spend the little money they have and travel across the world to meet the “love of their life” for the very first time. Then they decide if they want to get married which I personally think is so crazy. I won’t be able to explain it better than this clip of one the couples. If you’re looking for something entertaining, this will not disappoint.

8) Trader Joe’s organic mini peanut butter sandwich crackers

These are so good! It’s so hard to not eat the entire box in one sitting. if you’re a fan of snacking on crackers and peanut butter, this is the perfect thing to satisfy your craving.

Currently in my pantry:

9) Trader Joe’s dark chocolate toasted sesame caramels

These were recommended by Luxe. And then Vadim found it and while shopping and I couldn’t say no because it just sounded so good. Well, everything sounded good to me except for the caramel part. Turns out it’s more dark chocolate and toasted sesame than caramel, which was a very pleasant surprise. Definitely don’t pass on these during your next Trader Joe’s trip.

That’s everything!

What are some of your September favorites?

Thanks for stopping by.

See you in my next post!

Sophie 🙂

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