Review & Giveaway: EyeJust blue light blocking screen protector

99 problems and my eyes are one

Lately, my eyes have been giving me hell.

If you want to skip the back story, go straight to the review here.

Everyday without fail at around 5 pm my eyes sting and itch, and sometimes I’ll even start tearing up. Think, Elle Woods when Warner broke up with her and she had streaks of mascara rolling down her face. That’s not exactly the face I want people to see at work, you know?

At first I thought I was allergic to something at work. I mean, this only happens to my eyes when I’m there from Monday to Friday, so I figured it only made sense. But then again, how do I prove that?

Consulting Google

After some trial and error to identify the culprit, I decided to consult the sage that is Google.

I typed in my symptoms: itchy, stinging eyes, and prayed for the best. You just can’t trust Google and the images (and scary explanations) they give you when you type in a possible medial condition.

But this time, Google came through with the facts.

No blinking and all of the blue light

Apparently, we don’t blink as much as we need to when we’re staring at our phones and computers all day long. Not only that, the artificial blue light that we expose our eyes to all day from using our phones, tablets, and computers can really put a strain on our eyes. (Read more about the effects of blue light here). Which makes sense because all I’m doing at work is alternating between my personal phone, my work phone, and my work tablet from 10 am – 6 pm. There’s literally no break unless I’m in the bathroom or talking to someone face to face.

Reading this provided comfort for about two seconds until I realized, my eyes will probably suffer forever. I mean, everything is digital! 

Instagram ad bot to the rescue

And then the Instagram ad bots presented me with a solution.

I saw an ad for the EyeJust blue light blocking screen protector. I googled but found no reviews from bloggers. Which is funny because I would think that this specific group would be the first to write about a product like this.

So I decided to take matters into my own hands and reach out to the wonderful people at EyeJust.

Full disclosure: I took a leap of faith and contacted them. They didn’t think I was crazy and agreed to give me a screen protector in exchange for this review.


My review of the Eyejust blue light blocking screen protector

I’ve been trying the screen protector our for the past few days and I’ve finally made my verdict on it. Before I get there, let’s get into what you get in the package, as well as, the pros and cons.

What you get in the package
-the screen protector
-instruction sheet
-cleansing cloth to wipe your screen

Left: Vadim’s phone with regular, non-blue light blocking screen protector. 
Right: My phone with the Eyejust blue-light blocking screen protector. 

-No more stinging and itching at the end of the day at work.
-My eyes don’t feel strained and tired when I’m looking at my personal phone (with the screen protector). Which I still feel when I’m looking at my work phone (without the screen protector). Even Vadim has noticed a difference! And he never notices subtle things like this. He’s so convinced, he wants one now too. Don’t worry, he’s forbidden from entering this giveaway.
-Super simple and recycle-friendly packaging. Nothing annoys me more than a ton of packaging for no reason. This package comes with exactly what it needs to provide instructions and protect the screen protector.

-At $24.95, this definitely costs more than your average screen protector. Even so, it’s still a small price to pay for eye health. Am I right?
-It doesn’t come with an installation frame (see below). Good thing I kept this one that came with my previous screen protector. Without this, I’m not so sure the screen protector would have aligned and gone on smoothly without a single air bubble, on the first try. If you’re not a klutz and have a knack for aligning things, this won’t be a problem for you. Or, you can always leave your phone brightness on to show you where you would want your screen protector to go. Either way, it’s not a deal breaker.
-They currently do not make screen protectors for non-iPhones. Hopefully this will change soon!

This goes over your phone to show you exactly where to place the screen protector. This is especially helpful for the iPhone X.

Final verdict

This screen protector works!

Not only do my eyes feel much better at the end of the day (no more itching and stinging), I feel less tired when I’m scrolling through my phone. I noticed it immediately when I stuck the screen protector on and felt my eyes breathe a little sigh of relief for not having to work as hard. Maybe I’m being dramatic. Or maybe, you’ll just have to give this a try and see for yourself. Which leads me to…MY FIRST EVER GIVEAWAY! *I will be purchasing this with my own money.

Giveaway Rules

I don’t like giveaways that make you jump through hoops to enter. So here’s what you gotta do for a chance to win:
1) Follow me on instagram: @sophiewithablog
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3) Please just leave one comment. Additional comments will not count as additional entries.

That’s it! 

Giveaway ends on Wednesday, 9/26 at 9 pm eastern time. Winner will be announced on Instagram that evening.

May the odds be ever in your favor!

P.S. If giveaways aren’t your thing, buy it here (use code: BANISHTHEBLUES for free shipping).

Thanks for stopping by.

See you in my next post!

Sophie 🙂

Disclaimer: I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review of it here on my blog. All opinions are my own.