Things I really liked in August 2018

Goodbye August!

You were a real scorcher and made me rethink my love for summer but nevertheless, I’m glad you came around.

Let’s start with some highlights:

-Vadim and I celebrated our ten year dating anniversary! I still can’t believe it. I think my 17 year old self is pretty stoked about how things turned out 😉.

-I finally got my business cards from work so I’m feeling pretty legit these days. By the way, did I mention this is my first ever business card? Yup, that’s right, I’m officially an adult.

-I got my first ever 30 minute facial from Sephora (a free perk if you spend a min. of $75) and got to see all the gunk from my face. It was delightfully gross. And my skin felt so fresh and free of NYC toxins. I recommend going to the Sephora on 47th and 5th Avenue and making an appointment with MJ. Did I mention she’s my best friend?

And last but not least, some ugh moments:

-Our couch from West Elm that we’ve been waiting two months (!!!!) was nowhere to be found, according to them. Vadim kept calling and calling, and in the end we just called the store where we made our purchase in person. And by some miracle they were able to locate our couch. How does a couch go missing? After a month of back and forth, we’re allegedly getting it this Wednesday (aka today when this post goes up). I won’t hold my breath but I’ll be over the moon when I get home at the end of the day and see a couch in my living room. *Edited on Wednesday evening: WE FINALLY GOT OUR COUCH!

-Health wise things were a mess last month. My eczema flared up on my face and this time it was the last straw. I decided to make the complete switch over to clean skincare and makeup. I’m not going to lie, it has been expensive and difficult. THEN, there’s the pulsing headache that stuck around for a whole week. I thought I had the flu, then a migraine, to find that it was a stress-induced situation. Ugh. I didn’t even realize I was stressed but then I look back now and think, uh-yes, yes I was stressed. Really trying to let things slide off my back as much as possible these days. But my New York brain won’t make it easy, I tell ya.

And now that I’ve poured my guts out to you about my month, let’s get into the fun stuff: my fashion, beauty, and lifestyle favorites.


Everlane straight leg crop pant in the “cropped” length

I wrote a whole review on these (here) but long story short, I really really like these pants. The cropped length is perfect for me and the comfort level is 100/100. So glad to finally have pants that are work appropriate and made of cotton and not polyester (ick). Is it just me or are all women’s pants made out of poly?

Rothy’s Loafers (referral link for $20 off)

I also wrote a review about these (here). I like these shoes so much I have been wearing them seven days a week. I think my other shoes are jealous. If you’re looking for a cute pair of shoes that you can depend on, look no further than these loafers. I swear I’m not being paid to say this, but it wouldn’t hurt 😉.


Oskia renaissance cleansing gel



I honestly didn’t know I could feel so much love for a cleanser until this baby. It comes out this coral-y orange color and then disappears into the skin. I massage onto dry skin (as instructed), let it melt the grime away, rinse with warm water, and after all that I’m left with baby soft skin. I’m not kidding. My skin feels so clean and nourished afterwards. Two feelings that are often promised but not delivered. Anyway, I really enjoy using this in the morning as a gentle way to wake up my skin and get it prepped for a long a$$ day. P.S. Oskia is a British natural skincare brand that uses nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to nourish the skin, and I think it really delivers on all of that.

Caudalie cleansing oil



Finding a natural/non-toxic cleansing oil that doesn’t sting my eyes was a much harder task than I thought it would be. But I finally found one that doesn’t sting and that I actually enjoy using. I’m not kidding I must have massaged this in for five whole minutes the other day because it felt so nice and relaxing. And when I use this, I can feel the oily gunk from my pores coming out. Sounds gross but feels incredible. I really look forward to using this when I get home after a long day at work. For a split second I can pretend I’m at a spa until I hear Esteban meowing at me to feed him. Can’t he see that I’m busy? 

Herbivore Botanicals phoenix cell regenerating facial oil

The last time I used a facial oil in my skincare routine, things didn’t go so well. My skin broke out like crazy and I swore it off for life. Well I guess I couldn’t stay away forever because it’s back and working miracles on my skin. This oil sinks deep into my skin and makes my face feel hydrated and nourished. There’s no greasy look or feeling. My suggestion would be to start with three drops and layer on more if feel you need it. I currently use about 4-5 drops at night in lieu of my moisturizer. And when I wake up, my skin feels so soft. Goodbye dry, tight skin. I won’t be missing you. **Update: This was too much for my oily/combination skin and did end up making things worse for skin in the acne department. I would suggest to replace this as moisturizer if you have dry skin. I no longer use this because it did clog my pores. 

Herbivore Botanicals lapis facial oil

I’ve been getting these annoying tiny bumps on the left side of my forehead. It’s been stubborn and aggravating and this oil is the only thing that seems to be helping. It even prevented a painful chin pimple from fully coming to the surface. If this isn’t magic then I don’t know what is. If you have breakout/oily skin, I would definitely give this a go. This is supposed to balance the oils in the skin to help with acne, redness, and enlarged pores. And so far, I think it has really helped me in the acne department. Not too hopeful with minimizing my pores though since I’m pretty sure I would need actual witchcraft for that. Anyway, I like to use this in the morning in lieu of moisturizer, and at night on the areas where my pores are clogged/breaking out.

Herbivore Botanicals blue tansy mask

The idea of exfoliating my skin sounded terrifying since I didn’t want to make my angry, eczema ridden skin even more furious. But exfoliating the skin is still super important for improving skin texture and acne. So I searched for a clean/non-toxic mask that was going to be gentle on my skin but tough on dead skin and acne. And luckily, I didn’t have to go far to find this Herbivore blue tansy mask. It’s recommended that you use it consecutively for three days and then bring it back down to once a week. So far I really like this mask. My skin feels so soft afterwards. It’s definitely one of those masks that actually does something right away. If you’re looking for a new exfoliating mask and you care about nontoxic beauty products, I’d give this one a go. Warning: it does smell very herbal, which I don’t mind but if you’re sensitive to smells, I’d sniff this one in store before buying.

Indie Lee CoQ-10 toner



I used to think toners were pointless. You spritz it on your face and your skin feels wet for a few seconds and then that feeling dissipates. But with this Indie Lee toner, you really feel like you’re adding good stuff right back into your skin after you wash your face. It comes out as this fine mist which initially made me feel like I wasn’t getting much of it on my skin. But then I touched my skin that first time and realized this must be some witchcraft because my face is now suddenly soft and hydrated. I think this bottle is going to last me a while. I’ve been using it nonstop and it still looks like it’s been unused. If you’re looking for a toner that actually does something, definitely give this one a whirl.

Alima Pure cream concealer

This concealer is the only thing I’ve been wearing makeup wise these days. My eczema flare up basically forced me to find a clean concealer that wouldn’t make things worse. I tried the RMS “un”cover up but didn’t like how it started to separate after a few hours of wear. The opposite of looking like I woke up like this. I went in to return it and asked the salesperson at Credo to help me find something for oily skin, and she recommended this Alima Pure cream concealer. I wear the shade “lush” and let me tell you, best concealer ever. The packaging comes with a mirror which I truly appreciate. And, once you’re done with the concealer you can buy a refill. Isn’t that so cool? I think more beauty brands should consider “refillable” options. Less plastic in the ocean? Why yes, I’d like that very much. Oh, and did I mention it covers my under-eye area and my acne spots like a dream? Yup, it’s true.


To all the boys I’ve loved before

If you’re looking for something sweet and light, watch this. This reminds me of the best/romanticized parts of love in high school. And, how cool is it that the main actress is Asian-American?

Crazy Rich Asians

I can’t relate to the crazy rich part but seeing an all Asian cast in a movie on the big screen? That was incredibly comforting. My favorite scene? The mahjong playing moment between Rachel (the main character) and Eleanor (Rachel’s boyfriend’s mother). If you watch it, you’ll know what I mean. Vadim really enjoyed it too and he even commented that anyone coming from an immigrant family could relate to this story on some level. If you’ve seen it, I’d love to know your thoughts!

Comedians in cars getting coffee

Vadim and I have been binge watching this. I’ve never been a car person but this makes me appreciate the quirky and crazy car designs of the past. If you like comedians and lots of coffee imagery, this might be the show for you. My favorite episode is the Zach Galifianakas one. He is undeniably funny. And Jerry Seinfeld? He’s equal parts New York dry humor and dad jokes. If any of this sounds good to you, give this a go.

Lesser Evil “no cheese” paleo puffs

Cheese puffs without the dairy. Nuff said. I found these at Whole Foods but they’re also available on Amazon (affiliate link above). Warning: highly addictive.

That’s everything! What are some of your favorites from last month?

Thanks for stopping by.

See you in my next post!

Sophie 🙂

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