Review: Rothy’s loafers

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Today I am reviewing these Rothy’s loafers.

Rothy’s is a brand that makes sustainable shoes out of recycled water bottles. Yup, that’s right. Someone figured out how to breathe new life into old water bottles and it wasn’t me. Darn.

Anyway, the whole shoe is recyclable, so it really does come full circle.

I first noticed this brand about two years ago when they first launched.

I bought a navy pair of their original round flats and was very impressed by their durability and comfort. However, I was advised to order a size down from my usual 7.5 and after machine washing them as instructed, they have become too snug. I also didn’t like the solid navy color. To my surprise, navy shoes are not so easy to work with. Who knew? I definitely didn’t. I originally wrote about them here.

They won’t go to waste though because after two years, I’ll be sending them in to be recycled.

This time, I made sure to get it in the right size.

Let’s get into my review where I will gab about the following: why I purchased, pros, cons, and final thoughts.

Why I purchased

I really needed a pair of comfortable and durable shoes I could wear for work, and walk all day in. The first thing that came to mind was this brand.

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that they now have a loafer version that didn’t exist two years ago. The leopard or “spotted” print stood out to me the most. The camel and black color combo is perfectly neutral. The rubber sole was the last selling point, and so, I decided to hand over my money.

Sizing: I went true to size for these. For reference, I have wider feet and I appreciate the little bit of stretch these have in the toe area. However, if you are walking a ton especially in the heat, like any shoe these will begin to feel snug. In the Fall and when temperatures cool down, they fit perfectly. Also, after some wear they do mold to your foot shape so I’ve noticed that lately (now that it’s the end of summer), my loafers don’t feel snug anymore. They do offer free shipping and returns so I would suggest that you give it a try anyway if you’re thinking about them.


-So comfortable.
-Can walk all day in these.
-Machine washable.
-The leopard print goes with every outfit. I’m not kidding. I’ve worn these everyday for the past two weeks, and I’ve even worn them on the weekend (evidence below).
-These fit wider feet very nicely even though I could have gone a size up.


-The knit material in the back of the shoe can rub up against the ankle at the end of the day. Especially, after a ton of walking. It doesn’t leave a mark or any redness but just something to keep in mind. I imagine that in the summertime, all shoes with a will create friction after a ton of walking in the heat, so I think it’s pretty normal.
-The $165 price tag can be a deterrent for some people. Personally, it makes sense for me since this is one of two pairs of shoes I wear for work. But I imagine that if you already have a bunch of shoes that you love, you might not want to spend $165 on a pair of shoes that aren’t “designer”.

Final thoughts

If you’re looking for a sustainable and stylish pair of shoes to take you from work to weekend, these might just be the one. I’m really happy with these and can’t stop wearing them. These get two thumbs up from me.

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Feel free to leave me any questions and I’ll be happy to answer them.

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