Review: Vetta, a sustainable fashion company

Anytime I discover a new sustainable fashion brand, I’m ready to hand over my credit card info. But sometimes my enthusiasm is met with disappointment when I find that the pieces are too minimal and muted. Think lots of neutral colored oversized things. So when I first discovered Vetta through Instagram, I bookmarked it but wasn’t sold on anything on their site.

But then I saw this dress from them on my explore page and was intrigued. Next thing you know, I ended up on their site debating if I should get one of their capsules or if I should buy their pieces individually. Let me backtrack.

Vetta is a sustainable fashion company that makes wardrobe essentials the are classic, simple, and versatile. Think, clothes that can be worn a number of different ways with endless outfit combos.

Their selling model is unique too. You have the option to buy one of their capsules where there are five pieces curated together for one set price ($449) or, buy the pieces you like out of the whole collection. Either option seems great for anyone looking to build their wardrobe or looking to fill in the missing pieces.

They’re also the opposite of fast fashion. Their current collection has just twelve pieces which means they don’t believe in churning out new styles every week. This also means that they are intentional about the way they produce their clothes. They use sustainable materials and their factories can be traced to either NYC or LA. For more info about Vetta, click here. P.S. This is not an ad.

Okay, now that you know a bit more about the brand, let’s get back into my decision making process.

So after looking through the entire collection, I decided that I wanted to pick and choose rather than commit to every single piece in one of their capsules. I decided on five pieces. Now, let’s get into the fun part, my piece by piece review of the pros, cons, and why I decided to keep or return.

The wrap top 2.0 in xs ($89)

Pros: It’s made of a really soft tencel/linen mix material. I like the striped pattern and the neutral color.
Cons: Maybe it’s just me but the bow was difficult to tie. It looked messy and I didn’t like that the pattern isn’t the same on both sides of the sash. Which means you can’t just tie it and go. The flutter sleeves are also too wide for my personal preference.
Why I kept or returned: I decided to return this piece because I felt that the bow was too complicated. I wanted this for my work wardrobe but since I couldn’t just throw it on and go without fussing with the bow, it just wasn’t worth it for me. I do appreciate that it could potentially be worn six different ways. But it just wasn’t for me.

The boxy blouse in xs ($89)

Pros: This is made of the same, soft tencel/linen mix material as the wrap top. I like that it can be worn with the buttons on the front or on the back. It’s a super simple but versatile piece that doesn’t feel boring. The top is boxy which makes it perfect for hot summer days when I’ll appreciate all the air I can get in my clothes.
Cons: I’m nitpicking here but maybe the sleeves could have been wrist length instead of 3/4 length.
Why I kept or returned: I decided to keep this because the pros clearly outweighed the cons. And, I’ve been searching for the perfect white button down for a while and this seemed to mix classic and feminine details really well. Definitely not your average white button down.

The cropped flutter tee ($49)

Pros: The cotton material is really soft. This can be worn with the v-neck on the front or on the back as a crewneck style.
Cons: The neckline was way too wide and low. It looked like an overstretched t-shirt. Also, there is no way I could wear it with the v-neck on the front without my bra showing. Definitely not work appropriate.
Why I kept or returned: I decided to return this piece because it wasn’t flattering, looked quite sloppy, and was too revealing to wear for work.

The peg pant in xs ($129)

Pros: I like the peg pant silhouette.
Cons: I don’t like that the material feels stiff. It’s also made of the kind of cotton material that would show all of Esteban (my cat)’s hair which is just a lint rolling headache waiting to happen.
Why I kept or returned: I decided to return this because it was too stiff, and it would attract way too much cat hair.

The shift dress in xs ($109)

Pros: This dress can be worn at least three different ways (front, back, and with the skirt detached and worn as just a top).
Cons: This was not flattering whatsoever. Vadim commented that it looked like a hospital gown on me. Not exactly the look I’m going for. While the tencel material felt really soft, the overall fit just did not flatter me at all. Also, the buttons to detach the bottom of the dress was not easy. I couldn’t get them to budge and didn’t bother much with it since I was so turned off by how unflattering the dress was on me.
Why I kept or returned: I decided to return this because it did not flatter me at all. Ironically, this was the piece I saw on Instagram that made me want to peruse their site. I guess some things really do just look better on the ‘gram.

Final thoughts

After all that was said and done, I ended up keeping just one of five pieces. I was pretty disappointed since I had such high hopes for the brand, and for what it could mean for my work wardrobe.

Nevertheless, I did end up with a classic white button down that I know I’ll be wearing for a very long time. Also, I get to share this review with all of you. So really, it wasn’t a loss at all. Except for the $10 return shipping I had to pay for. That was also a bummer. Hopefully, they will offer free returns sometime soon. They already do free shipping so they’re halfway there.

Anyway, I’m glad I finally got to see what Vetta is all about. I’m definitely curious to see what they come up with in their next release.

Have you heard of Vetta before? What are some sustainable fashion brands you love?Would you have opted to buy the capsule or just the pieces you really liked?

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