Money Diary #2: Groceries, brunch, and a farmers market run

Bag: Clare V.

Last week I shared my money diary for the whole week. This week I thought it would be interesting to see how much Vadim and I spend over the weekend, as a couple. We get groceries, go to brunch, and spend some money at a farmers market. If you’re curious to see how it went down, keep on reading.


I finally have time to drop my Reformation linen pants at the tailor. They’re a few inches too long even though they’re supposed to be “ankle length”. But, they’re lightweight and perfect for the weekend and work so it’s definitely worth the trouble. Vadim and I stop by this place in Park Slope that got really great reviews on Yelp. The two ladies there were super nice. Hoping my pants turn out the way I want them. 🤞🏼$10

Since we’re in the neighborhood, we decide to stop by one of our favorite bakeries (Colson) for some pastries. We pick up a raspberry donut and a pear turnover. I thought the pear turnover tasted better, and Vadim prefered the raspberry donut. I guess I’m really just really not a fan of tart desserts…even in donut form. $7

We head to Staten Island to visit my parents. $5.50

My dad’s working in the backyard when we get there and we hang around for a bit before heading to Trader Joe’s. We really like the Trader Joe’s in Staten Island because it’s never too crowded and has a spacious parking lot. The ones in Brooklyn? Forget about it.

We fill up our cart and head back to my parents’, just in time for my mom to get home from work. $202.01

We see my mom working on the garden out front and she asks us if we want some spinach (that’s what I think it is but I’m terrible at naming vegetables). She gives us a bunch and we make them that night for dinner. $0

We also make scallops for dinner. Both turn out delicious. 

We end the day with this new rom-com movie on Netflix called “Set it up”. Vadim and I are both Lucy Liu fans so we decide to give it a go. It has a cute message about love, but we definitely wouldn’t have found our way to it if Lucy Liu wasn’t in it.  

Saturday total = $219.01


We make some oatmeal and coffee as a pregame for brunch. I’ve been drinking this coffee alternative that I’ve actually come to like more than coffee itself. I think I’ve officially kicked my coffee habit to the curb.

We stop by this Italian brunch spot in Park Slope for a double date with my sister-in-law and her husband.

Vadim and I order the same thing. And we round out our meal with a delicious chocolate cake made with almond flour. $55

After brunch, we head over to the farmers market. We already have plenty of groceries at home but we’re curious about what goodies we might find. We pick out a box of cherries ($4) and a growler of kombucha (32 oz for $12). We both try a sample of the blueberry lemongrass flavor and we’re sold. We’ve had the Pilot Kombucha brand before in the lavender peach flavor and fell in love. It does cost a bit more than your average kombucha but the flavor is honestly unparalleled. And, we get to refill the growler at the Whole Foods in Gowanus the next time we go. $16

We make quinoa for the first time in our Instant Pot and it turns out really good. It cooks super fast and two cups of of it is enough for dinner and at least three work lunches this coming week. $0

I wind down by editing this post and getting ready for the work week ahead.

Sunday total = $71

Weekend total = $290.01

Do you buy groceries once a week? Or do you pick up things as you need them?

What does a typical weekend look like for you?

Thanks for stopping by.

See you in my next post!

Sophie 🙂

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