Weekend style: Athleisure on repeat

I was in full athleisure mode this weekend.

The only part of my outfit that I changed between Saturday and Sunday was my pants. I would have totally worn my cropped jeans (limited sizes left; similar here) on Saturday but I was too lazy to shave my legs. But then, on my Saturday night in, I gave these Veet wax strips a try. And, they worked! So on Sunday, I finally got to let my ankles hang out in the sun.

After months of owning these APL sneakers, I finally thought to take the shoelaces down one notch to make them looser. And, I’m so glad I did. I can finally put them on without untying anything. Took me long enough.

What didn’t take me long to realize was how much cat hair my black sweatshirt attracts. I can only wear it if I’m going out. It also needs to be lint rolled at least twice before leaving. Oh, the joys of having a long-haired Persian cat. We did take him to the groomers on Saturday to get him shaved though. He’s been throwing up hair balls left and right so it was time.

He looks really grumpy here but he’ll thank us later.

Anyway, even with all the cat hair, this is probably my favorite sweatshirt. It has a graphic of Mars on it and it says, “I went to Mars and all I got was this stupid sweatshirt.” It’s from Reformation (sustainable clothing brand) but it’s not available anymore. The downside of shopping there is that once something is sold out, it’s pretty much gone forever. They do have a similar cropped black sweatshirt available now though.

Last but not least, my leggings are from Aerie (last Fall/Winter). I got them last year when I decided it was time to get a bit more serious about my workout gear. I own two pairs of these and really like how they fit and feel (I wear a small). Unfortunately, Aerie doesn’t offer anything similar in their current collection. These are part of their “play” line of leggings though, which is still available in solid colors and with side pockets. If you’re in the market for affordable workout leggings, I would definitely give these a try.

If I had to pick between Saturday and Sunday’s version of athleisure, I would go with Sunday’s cropped jeans and sneakers look. But if I was actually going to work out, I would definitely opt for leggings. What about you?

Would you wear Saturday’s look?

Or Sunday’s look?

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