Spring cleaning: Six things I’m getting rid of to avoid clutter

Spring cleaning can feel overwhelming. That’s why I like to take it slow.

Last week, I decided to take a look at my closet and pull out things that I haven’t worn or just didn’t like anymore. I grouped them together and created a separate section for them in my closet.

I could now focus on the things I still wear and like. And, I would be able to see if I changed my mind about anything in the coming weeks. So far, I don’t see myself doing that. But, this will give me peace of mind knowing that I’m not getting rid of things I’ll potentially wear.

It’s been a week, and so far I have no regrets.

Here are six things that I am definitely getting rid of to avoid clutter.

1. Old t-shirts that turn into sleep shirts

Just like I want to look my best out in the world, I want to look my best at home too. Not all old t-shirts are created equal. I’m saying goodbye to the ones that are stretched and pilled beyond repair. I rotate through the same two to three t-shirts anyway. No need to fill my drawer with endless options.

2. Uncomfortable undergarments

This is a given but anything that’s meant to be supportive, shouldn’t be uncomfortable. I’m getting rid of this lacy “bralette” that feels like I’m wrapping my chest in armor.

It’s worse than a bra because there are no clasps and the band feels stiff and restricting. No thanks. I originally got this because I wanted to wear lower cut tops without exposing myself. But there’s no need for this medieval contraption since I discovered adhesive nip covers. Definitely worth the $$.

3. Undergarments that are past their prime

Stretched out bands are not comfortable or supportive no matter where they happen, i.e. underwear, bras, or sports bras. I am guilty of wearing undergarments way past their prime because I hate spending money on them. Yes, most of the world won’t see it but that doesn’t mean I don’t deserve to feel supported underneath all my clothes. It’s time to make space for the things that I actually love and wear. Like the MeUndies cheeky brief and their low scoop bralette.

4. Repeat items

I’m not a super fan and I don’t work for the NY Giants, so I definitely do not need more than one of these tops. Getting rid of these two still leaves me with a jersey, which I will keep…for now. I don’t need more than one clothing item to rep my favorite football team. I also don’t need three bathrobes. Goodbye repeats. Hello, closet space. This obviously doesn’t apply to repeat items that you actually need and wear.

5. Clothes that seem fine but aren’t functional

A white shirt that’s still see through even with a nude bra underneath? Not functional. For me, at least. I originally bought this shirt in a hurry the day before an interview (it was also on super sale) and didn’t even bother trying it on. Lesson learned. Next time, I would rather rent an interview outfit from Rent the Runway than buy something disappointing.

6. Clothes that seem fine but aren’t exciting

Every time the thought comes up to get rid of something, I would hear my mom telling me about how my grandma would patch up the holes in the one pair of pants she had growing up. That thought alone was enough for me to guilt myself to keeping whatever it was in my closet.

Fortunately, times have changed. Even my mom has acknowledged that her life has improved significantly, and so has mine (thanks mom and dad). Now, she’s constantly taking note of what I wear and nagging me to buy nicer clothes. Oh, how times have changed.

With this realization and the acceptance that I probably won’t be attending any “long gray cardigans only” parties in the future, I decided that it was time to ditch this cardigan. No more guilting myself into keeping things that are “fine” but not exciting.

Final thoughts

After doing this, I realized that I have to take better care of my clothes. A lot of the things I am getting rid of aren’t even good enough to donate. Best case scenario from taking better care of my clothes? I can sell the pieces I no longer want and make some money to go towards future shopping. That’s incentive enough for me.

Anyway, before I do any more shopping for spring, I should probably revisit my spring cleaning post from last year. The extra insight will probably come in handy as I plan out the things I want to add to my closet this spring. I’m all about shopping smarter and savvier. And, having a closet full of things that I actually love and wear, of course.

What are your thoughts on spring cleaning?

Is it necessary/unnecessary?

How do you decide what to keep and what to get rid of/donate/sell?

Thanks for stopping by.

See you in my next post!

Sophie 🙂

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