Review: Glossier Lidstar

Glossier launched “lidstar” (their sheer liquid eyeshadows) last Monday. I hopped on the bandwagon that very day and made my order.


Why I bought it

It’s worth mentioning that I don’t wear eyeshadow everyday. The last time I wore it was New Year’s eve, and it was a single shadow applied all over the lid. Easy, peasy. It’s my preferred makeup experience. And Glossier lidstar seemed like it was right up my alley. The application looked wildly uncomplicated. A doe foot applicator that applies like a concealer/lip gloss? I can handle that. Sheer shades that are pigmented enough to look like I made just enough of an effort? My kinda jam. No primer needed and lasts 12 hrs? Well, sign me up.

Decisions, decisions

The tricky part was deciding which two shades I wanted to order (two for $30/$18 for one) out of the six. I decided to go with two shades I thought I would get the most use out of. I picked “moon” and “cub”. Moon is a sheer, champagne shade. And cub is a shimmery, light rose shade that’s also quite sheer.

I forgot I had these swatches on my arm. They didn’t budge all day. I shouldn’t be so surprised though since I did wear them while working out the other day. Just to put them to the test.

What they look like on

Moon leaves a pearly sheen on the lids. I have four layers of it on in the pictures below. I love how it brightens the inner corners of my eyelids. It makes me look bight eyed and bushy tailed even though I didn’t sleep that well the night before. Perfect for faking eight hours of sleep.

Application: Start at the center of the eyelid and blend it all over the lid.

*The first time I tried moon, I got a bit of it on my eyelashes. Because it’s so light, it’s noticeable on my black lashes. But, it’s nothing a little mascara can’t fix.

Cub layered on top of moon left me with this sheer, warm pink shade (below).

Close up comparison of the two shades: Moon is all over the left lid. Cub is all over the right lid.

What I liked

Easy to apply: No brush and primer needed = no hassle. Everything you need is already in your hands.

Easy to blend: It’s so easy to blend the product out with my ring finger. It also dries relatively quickly so swift motions are encouraged.

Buildable: It’s super easy to layer on more of the product and it mixes well with other shades in the range. Moon and cub mixed together is the most wearable pink shade, perfect for everyday.

Travel friendly: Size is comparable to a concealer or lip gloss. Won’t take up much space in your makeup bag. And, it even fits in your pocket.

Sanitary packaging: The doe foot applicator means that there is no need to dip your finger into the product.

Long-lasting: Stays put even after after a workout. It will probably last the 12 hr wear Glossier claims since the longest I had it on was 11 hrs and it looked like it could stay on for another hour. Maybe it’s the oils from my eyelids but it seems to look even better as the day goes on.

Wearable shades for everyday: At first I wasn’t so sure if I wanted to buy eye shadow that would go on sheer but I’m actually really into it. It’s perfect for someone who is just starting to get comfortable with wearing eye shadow (like me). Or someone who prefers a minimal makeup look that still has a little va va voom (also, me).

As Joey from Friends said over eating Rachel’s Trifle/Shepherd’s pie, “what’s not to like?” Well, there are two things.

What I don’t like

Price: A single one of these cost $18 for just 4.5 ml/0.15 fl oz of product. It doesn’t seem like these will last very long if worn everyday. I don’t plan on it but for someone who does, this might not be the most economical choice.

Packaging: Although the tube makes the product travel-friendly and easy to apply, it’s going to be hard to scoop out all of the product. That means product will likely be leftover in the tube and be hard to clean out for recycling purposes. Which means you might not get to use up everything you paid for. It may also be tricky to tell how much product is left since the opening of the tube is pretty narrow.

Final thoughts

This was definitely worth a try. I am pretty pleased with how much I like both shades. I am tempted to see what the shades slip (sheer pink and gold) and lily (sheer lilac) look like on. For now, I’ll hold off. If I give in, I’ll definitely update this post.

Would I buy these again? Depends on how long they last. I mostly wear eye makeup for special occasions and nights out, so I might be able to make these last a while. I definitely hope I can take them with me to Italy in May. So far, I’m leaning towards yes.

Are you a fan of eyeshadow? What’s your go-to eye look? Do you think lidstar is worth it?

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Sophie 🙂

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