Empties #1: Products I’ve finished

I’m back! I took some time off to celebrate the Lunar New Year and to reflect on my blog. Happy New Year to you if you celebrate 😊

*Feel free to skip this blog update below and go right onto the empties post.

Blog Update

I think I’ve been feeling this for a little while but I have finally come to accept that my themed posts (inspiration for the week and food for thought) feel quite confining.  Ironically, I came up with themes to help me stay focused but honestly, it’s beginning to feel forced and uninspiring. Maybe this may seem obvious but I’ve realized that telling myself that I should have something inspiring or thought provoking to write about, is actually a lot of pressure.

I was feeling quite lost about this until something from the universe popped into my Instagram Story feed. Sometime last week, @wendyslookbook shared a blogging tip on her Instagram Story that really resonated with me. She said the number one thing that helped her the most was coming up with three words to describe her blog. She explained that doing this helped her stay inspired and focused on her blog’s mission. So I thought about what my three words would be and came up with two: honest and curious. I’m pretty happy with these two but can’t seem to come up with a third word. I’m probably going to have to spend a bit more time thinking about it.

For now, coming up with honest and curious to describe my blog has already helped. It feels good to loosen the reigns and just write what I’m feeling at the moment. Today I feel like writing about some products I’ve finished. I’ve been waiting until I have enough things to mention in a blog post, and I finally do! I actually can’t wait to recycle it all. Does anyone else get excited about finishing products and recycling them? 🤓

As for my themed posts, I still plan on writing them when they come up organically. Now that I’ve updated you on the inner workings of my brain regarding this blog, let’s finally get into this empties post.

Empties: Products I’ve finished

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1. This is L. Organic Cotton Pads
I wrote a whole blog post here about these pads. Long story short, they are super comfortable and I need to make a Target run soon to restock.

2. Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water
Edit on 8/4/18: I realized that this is what’s causing my eczema flare up around my eyes and eyelids. I wouldn’t recommend this if you have eczema prone skin. I will discontinue using this.

I am pretty close to finishing this bottle so I figured I would include it in this post. I like this because it makes washing my face so quick and effortless. I just swipe it all over with a cotton pad, wait for it to dry, and move on to the rest of my skincare routine. This also feels really refreshing after a sweaty workout. It leaves no residue and doesn’t make my skin feel dry. I would definitely repurchase.

3. Clinique Take the Day Off Cleaning Oil
This has taken me about six months to finish. This is a no frills, get the job done oil cleanser. It removes waterproof mascara without any struggle-my ultimate test for whether an oil cleanser works for me or not. That, and it didn’t make me break out. It also didn’t leave my skin feeling dry afterwards. I use this as my first cleanse to take off makeup and sunscreen. I would have repurchased this but I’m looking for something more natural. I ordered this Biossance one but if I don’t like it, I’m going back to this Clinique one.

4. Ouai Hair Oil
I wrote a blog post about this here. It lasted me about six months. I really like how lightweight it is on my hair. I have no complaints about it. I would definitely repurchase it, but at the moment I’m really into this Briogeo one (smells so good and you only need a little bit of product).

5. Whamisa Green Tea Serum Toner
This toner is definitely hydrating enough for spring and summer. It’s also almost half the price of most hydrating toners on the market. Recently though, I did go back to my all time favorite, the Whamisa Organic Flowers toner and I am so glad I did. My skin was irritated, dry, and red and the Whamisa Organic Flowers toner brought it back to life. It just offers unparalleled hydration and feels so soothing on my skin. A bottle also lasts a really long time. I probably won’t be repurchasing this green tea one since I’ve rediscovered my holy grail toner.

6. Glossier Invisible Shield
I actually really enjoyed using this. It was lightweight yet hydrating and never left my face feeling sticky. My only complaint was the price which was originally $34 for one ounce of product. Glossier has recently lowered the price to $25, making it quite enticing. It is a really nice face sunscreen to have as a carry on for traveling. I would definitely repurchase. At the moment, I’m really loving this Make P:rem one, it costs a dollar less and has 2.5x more product than the Glossier one.

7. La Roche-Posay Serozinc
I remember how hyped up this was years ago when it wasn’t available for sale in the US. All the British beauty bloggers raved about how life changing it was for their acne prone skin and I wanted it so bad. I first tried it during my first trip to Paris when I finally made my way into a French pharmacy. I enjoyed it then but three years later, I have found more effective and affordable things for my skin. At $15 a bottle (still more expensive than in a French pharmacy), I can’t even remember if it did anything for my skin. Needless to say, I’ve finished this quite some time ago and have not felt the need to repurchase.

8. Eucerin Advanced Repair Creme
This saved my skin this winter. It’s highly effective but I have to admit, it did leave my skin feeling quite tacky. It just didn’t absorb all the way in and though this was great for my dry legs, it was too much for my hands. This was included in my January favorites because it really did save my skin from being dry and itchy. After finishing this one, I searched for something a bit more natural and absorbent and found this Burt’s Bee one. So far, so good. But if my skin starts going haywire, I will definitely repurchase this Eucerin one.

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Are you a fan of repurchasing products that you finish or do you prefer to try new ones?

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