Review: L. Organic Cotton Pads

L. Organic Cotton Pads

Why I bought them

Cost: They cost about 20¢/pad ($8.49 for a pack of 42 but sold on for $6.99 which makes them ~17¢/pad). In short: These are organic cotton pads without the organic price tag.
Cost of other pads:
16 pack of Always = costs $4-6 (~25¢-38¢/pad)
-Competing brand of organic cotton pads at Whole Foods= $5.99 for a pack of only 10 (~60¢/pad)

What they’re made of: They’re organic, hypoallergenic, and do not contain any of the irritating materials/chemicals in traditional pads. I think there’s a reason why traditional pads do not provide a list of materials on their boxes. In short: Materials matter when it comes to pads and discomfort is not okay.

My thoughts

They’re comfortable: It’s as close as you can get to feeling like you’re wearing cotton underwear. Traditional pads have always made me feel uncomfortable, but I just figured this was part of the period experience. Since giving organic cotton pads a go, I realized that discomfort is not normal. If anything, period products should only focus on optimizing a comfort since every other aspect of it is already so painful and annoying. But I digress, these are just as comfortable as the pricey ones I splurge on at Whole Foods at a fraction of the cost.

No leaks: This obviously depends on flow but they also come in super, overnight, and liners.

Pretty and discreet packaging: Makes me feel like I’m buying myself something nice. Dare I say, it makes shopping for pads seem chic?

Their 1 for 1 mission: A company that gives back is a company that I can get behind. For every pad purchased, one goes to a girl in a developing country.

All pads should be made this way. I shouldn’t have to search for the good ones in the aisle.

All pads should be affordable. These are necessities not luxuries.

Would I buy again?

A thousand times yes. This pack will probably last for another two cycles. These get a two thumbs up from me.

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