Add to Wishlist: Cozy Winter Pieces

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  1. This Teddy Bear Jacket is $650 (!) so it’s definitely wishful thinking. I do love the boxy cut and the hood has ears on them so maybe it’s really a cute jacket plus a lifetime halloween costume. This Ganni version is under $400 (obviously still $$$) and is pretty dope dupe.
  2. I’ve been eyeing this Acne Studios Canada Wool Scarf for a while-at $180 I would have to commit to it for life so I can justify forking over the cash. Which leads me to…get this one in pink or this more classic oatmeal color. Looking for a more affordable scarf? This Free People scarf is on sale for under $40 and comes in lavender, ivory, red, and black, and looks so cozy.
  3. Ultra violet is the Pantone color of 2018 and this lavender Tibi sweater is right on trend. I want to wear this now to brighten up dreary winter days but also when spring eventually rolls around. This sweater is far from boring. At $350, this sweater is definitely an investment piece. This Inexclsv sweater is $140 and looks both cozy (cropped, boxy fit) and dreamy (billowy sleeves).
  4. If I have to accept winter as my fate then I only want to wear these Ganni boots I am digging the super sturdy sole and the cozy shearling lining. At $395, this is definitely a commitment to winter. These J.Crew boots are a really good dupe at under under $150-sizes are very limited though.

What’s on your wishlist at the moment?

Feedback time: Are you a fan of wishlist posts? Or should I save my energy towards different content? Would love to know your thoughts.

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Sophie 🙂

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  • Oh I love that pink scarf! And I can’t help thinking how nice all of these pieces would look for a cosy winter outfits with a pair of skinny jeans! 🙂

    I think if you enjoy making wishlist posts, keep doing so! 🙂

    Hope that you are having a good week so far! I’ve returned to work this week which was a bit of a shock after a month off over Christmas, ha!

    Away From The Blue Blog

    • I love the pink color too! Wish it was just a tad paler so it could be considered a neutral.

      I think wish lists are similar to mood boards where you can reference for inspiration. Let’s see if I’m feeling it in a week 🙂

      Thanks! I actually am having a pretty good week considering my mouth is still recovering from my wisdom teeth extractions. Hope you had a glorious month off. Hope transition back to work is as smooth as possible!

  • I think the Acne scarf is a solid buy! I’m loving my grey one so far. But yeah, I think an oatmeal color will be a better buy. You can get a cheaper pink version.

    I love the purple sweater (so 80s) because it’s cropped and would look cute with high waisted jeans. Also, THOSE BOOTS. I had no idea that J. Crew sold warm hikers but now I’m considering stopping there after work…

    I’m looking for a cropped sweatshirt/sweater, tropical shirt, a nice black belt, and black slim jeans. I love this tropical shirt I found by Ganni, but it’s too expensive. I don’t know why as it’s winter, but I guess I’m looking ahead to warmer time.

    Check the analytics and see if people are reading it. If not, move onto something else 🙂

    • If it was a blush color though I would prob snag it right up.

      In middle school I was obsessed with this shade of purple…my backpack, my hoodie, my lunch bag…was definitely going for a monochrome look haha

      Something’s changing with my style because I am definitely into the look of hiker boots now. I just love the cool contrast with a cozy sweater.

      Crop sweatshirts are my jam but the perfect length is hard to find. They usually fit me like a regular length sweatshirt for tall people haha. I am already looking at swimwear and sundresses so I’m right with you on looking ahead.

      Yea, will have to see 😉

      • Yes, why oh why are cropped sweatshirts so hard to find? It’s such a simple thing. I found one on the Real Real but it’s kinda dressy. We will see!

        • You could always crop an old sweatshirt but I guess the excess fabric would be a waste (or can be repurposed as something like a cleaning rag according to my mom).

  • I’ve had my eye on one of those silk/cashmere Chan Luu scarves; they seem like just the solution for our climate. I’ve read mixed reviews on the fabric quality though.

    • I just googled and Chan Luu scarves look really nice! I think the mix of silk could be tricky-having a super delicate material for something like a scarf makes me nervous that I’d ruin it. Who knew finding a decent scarf was such a challenge?

    • Taking a quick look at the Chan Luu scarves, they seem similar to a silk/cashmere Nordstrom scarf I own: if they are similar, then the fabric is really lovely and it can be surprisingly warm for something that’s so light and floaty.

      Alas, they likely are very fragile. I’ve accidentally got fabric like it caught in a zipper and that was a disaster! It was just the edge of the scarf so it wasn’t ruined, but I don’t think it can be fixed.