Two cold weather looks, a workout routine, and some words to live by

Happy New Year!

I don’t know about you but I’m not feeling so motivated on day 3 of 2018. This freezing cold weather is making me want to stay in bed all day. These are the days when I begin to dream about leaving NYC for good. By the way, did you get a chance to read my 5 things I hate about NYC guest post? Spoiler alert: I don’t complain about the cold weather because well, it’s a given.

But because I can’t just pack up my things and leave, I decided to look for inspiration instead. You know, the kind of inspiration that will make me want to jolt out of bed. I knew this was going to be a challenge since a hot cup of coffee and a croissant doesn’t seem to have the same effect it used to. This morning, I scarfed down my croissant in the kitchen because it was too damn cold to sit down for a proper breakfast. See picture evidence below.

Side note: the Trader Joe’s Almond Butter is really good. I’ve had it for less than two weeks and am getting really close to finishing it.

Almond butter and croissant crumbs aside, here are the three things inspiring me to work with the cold instead of allowing it to get me down.

Three Things

1. Cold weather outfits, 2 ways

Look #1: Don’t quote me on this, but I think Gigi Hadid might have singlehandedly revived the sweatsuit look from the early 2000s (think Juicy suits) and made it “fashion”. I don’t currently own a matching sweatsuit, but I am eyeing a few pieces to recreate it as my work from home uniform.

Source: Pinterest

Shop the look:

You can obviously wear a whole sweatsuit out, but maybe you’re heading somewhere a little less casual. I found this look on @bat_gio ‘s Instagram and it instantly made me want to pull out my pink sweater. If you’re interested in recreating this look, I’ve linked similar pieces below.

Look #2 

Source: @bat_gio

Shop the look:

Madewell pink sweater


Black Bottoms:


And last but not least, some weather appropriate Sperry duck boots to complete the look.


2. Sweat it out

No better way to keep warm than sweating it out. This workout is from the December issue of Women’s Health. Love that I don’t have to leave the apartment to do this. I usually do 5 sets for a full workout. If you’re just easing into working out regularly, start with one set and work your way up.

3. Some words to live by

I found this via @leandramcohen‘s Instagram. There can be a lot of pressure in the month of January to start tackling all your goals, I know I feel it, even though I haven’t really set any. Whether it be specific goals or intentions, it’s always important to remind ourselves that we can create what we want for ourselves, whenever we want, with the smallest or biggest of steps.

I hope there was something here to inspire you this week.

What’s inspiring you at the moment?

Thanks for stopping by. See you in my next post!

Sophie 🙂

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