Food for thought: What are you wearing to holiday parties?

This time of year I usually find myself scrambling for outfits to wear for holiday parties.

I have nothing to wear

Everything in my closet always feels inadequate and the options to buy are always missing the mark. I mean, I love a sequined, sparkly look on someone else but could never wear it for a night out and feel like myself. I tip my hat off to all the people that do. Comfort is my number one priority, always. And with it being winter, feeling like a baby swaddled in a warm blanket is exactly the kind of vibe I’m looking for in a holiday outfit. Unfortunately, what’s marketed as holiday party appropriate is never a pair of sweatpants and a comfy sweater. Even my mom who loves me unconditionally would wonder what’s wrong, if I were to show up to dinner in such an ensemble.

The search for the one

For a second, the marketers got me. I scoured websites in search for the perfect party look. I filtered my search for dresses, sweater dresses, the color red, and found diddly squat. Something did come close though, this red dress from Reformation (the one I’m wearing in the picture above).

Remember when I mentioned in my Black Friday post that I was looking for a dress for an upcoming wedding? Well, I finally found it! The dress has no zippers, which is a major win for me because they’re annoying and often feel cold on bare skin. Does anyone know what I mean? The elastic gathering in the mid-section will also be very helpful in the event of the inevitable food baby.

For a second I was so relieved to have finally found something that I could continue to wear time and time again. I will never have to say the dreaded, I have nothing to wear, when it comes to party invitations. But then I realized there’s New Year’s eve. *Cue horror music*

Although I’ll be spending it at my in-laws house, I’ve always been told that how you visually present yourself into the New Year will be some kind of reflection of how your year will be…Did I lose you yet?

Tuning out Instagram + reconsidering my options

Then I thought, well I can’t wear the same dress again within the span of a week, right? So I went back onto the internet to look for the perfect New Year’s eve outfit. I came back with nothing. Then I snapped out of this idea that I had to ignore things I already own in my closet. And I had an a-ha moment. It doesn’t matter. Who cares if I wear the same outfit twice in a week? If I feel comfortable and confident, then just ignore the social media, ahem Instagram noise. It’s just not realistic, for me, to have a completely new look for every occasion. If you like what you own, you will re-wear it. After all, that is the purpose of clothes, right?

Then I took a second look at my closet and came up with 2 other outfit options I didn’t think I had.

My 3 Holiday Outfit Options

Option 1: This trusty navy dress that is both comfortable and zipper free.

The dress above is old but this knit dress from Reformation is a very cozy option as well.

Source: Reformation

Option 2: My cherry top that I could wear with my black skirt. The top also comes in a blush color and a white and polka dot pattern.

This Alice McCALL top is a gorgeous option too if you’re looking for something simple and ethereal. I will transition beautifully into spring and summer!

Source: Shopbop

Or maybe you want to stick to a classic black top. This Paige one with the ruffled shoulder detail is beautiful and timeless.

Source: Shopbop

And the final option: My new red dress.

Source: Reformation

If I had somewhere dressier to go, I might consider this classic Self-Portrait number for under $300. What a steal! The navy will be perfect all year round.

Source: Net-A-Porter

Or maybe you miss summer as much as I do and want an excuse to wear your slip dress. A chunky cardigan over this T by Alexander Wang dress might just be the perfect combination.

Source: Net-A-Porter

Final Thoughts

As I am editing this post, I have to be honest. I ordered two dresses yesterday from the crazy good Reformation sale. I got a long sleeved silver metallic knit dress (so much for no sparkly things) and a pink velvet slip dress. Best part? I got them both for under $100. This is a big deal for me since my size is almost always sold out. Now, I have two more options for my choosing. I guess I won’t be scrambling to find a party outfit anymore.

In the age of scrolling through and stopping only at the “loudest” images, repeating outfits seem like the least attractive option. I have nothing to wear, was really me saying, I have nothing to wear to impress Instagram. Now that I’ve therapized myself, I’m just going to allow myself to say, to hell with that. Clothes are meant to be worn and loved.

What will you be wearing for your holiday parties? Will you be giving your closet a second look?

Thanks for stopping by. See you in my next post!

Sophie 🙂


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