Turns out I actually prefer dewy skin and two new things I’m loving

Sometime this summer I decided that I was sick of looking like a simmering skillet ready for Saturday brunch. So I decided to take moisturizer out of my skincare routine and relied on my Whamisa Deep Rich Toner to moisturize pre-SPF.

For the most part this worked except on really humid days when I would need to layer on the powder.

Lately, I’ve not been a fan of the matte look on me. Maybe I’ve gotten so used to the triangle of shine on my forehead that without it I can’t recognize myself. Or maybe it reminds me of the best parts of being young. When you feel like the possibilities are endless and your dreams are still possible. But I digress, what I’m trying to say is I really missed the shiny look.

I also missed having really hydrated skin. That feeling when the wind blows and you know your face is not going to budge because you moisturized the heck out of it. To me, it’s better than a beautifully done makeup look. I’ll bear my dark undereye circles and my pimples for soft, hydrated skin. Sign me up. *Knocking on wood* now because my skin has actually been treating me alright in the acne department.

And so I brought my favorite moisturizer (Make P:rem Safe Relief Cream) back into my routine.

Photo: Glowrecipe.com

I’ve had the same tub since last Spring and I’m only now getting through half of it. It’s made with 12 ingredients, feels super gentle, and is so moisturizing. A little really goes a long way. I like to work with a little bit at a time so I don’t overdo it. But lately, it feels like I just can’t get enough.

My skin feels like me again. It feels hydrated and ready to take on NYC pollution.

Photo evidence below: me with no makeup and the help of natural lighting

Skincare routine update + 2 new things

I’m finally on my last drop of the Whamisa Deep Rich Toner. I didn’t think this day would come. I’ve had this since last Spring. It survived the Palm Springs desert and Coachella with me. And while I still have so much love for it, I am ready to replace it with the new Whamisa by Glow Recipe Green Tea Serum Toner.

For starters, it costs $22, that’s almost half the price of the Whamisa Deep Rich Toner ($40). The bottle is made of plastic instead of glass so it’s lighter and comes with no fear of potential shattered glass due to unfortunate clumsiness. Surprisingly, I’ve been spared of this. Anyway, the Green Tea Serum toner also has 0.4 ounces more product, which gets me even more excited that it costs less than the Deep Rich toner. Also it means that I probably won’t have to buy another toner till Spring. And finally, I just tried it and I’m in love. First impression: my skin feels bouncy, hydrated, and not too sticky (which I often felt with the Whamisa Deep Rich toner). It also smells really fresh and green (it has a bunch of vegetable extracts in it).

And lastly, I’ve introduced a new SPF into my routine. Although the Glossier Invisible Shield got the job done, it wasn’t as hydrating or contained as much product as the one I loved from Make P:rem (read my love letter here). As Glossier Invisible Shield is on it’s last few uses, I decided to try out this Make P:rem Blue Ray Sun Gel that I’ve been eyeing all summer.

Photo: Glowrecipe.com

I think what interested me the most was that it claims to cool down the skin’s temperature to reduce “the damage cause by hot Infrared waves” (via Glow Recipe’s description of the product). My first impression so far is that it’s similar to the original Make P:rem one that I had that came in the orange cap. It is just as hydrating and feels a less sticky. The product comes out white but disappears whens you apply it and leaves no white cast or residue. So far, I’m a big fan. And as for the cooling down aspect, I’ll have to keep you posted on this.

Are you team dewy or team matte? Have you changed up your skincare routine for Fall? I would love to know your favorites.

Thanks for stopping by. I’ll see you in my next post.

Sophie 🙂

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