3 Days in Montreal

plateau montreal

After our trip to Montreal this past weekend, my husband and I have decided to make this an annual thing. Apparently, the drive from New York is only about 6.5 hrs? Definitely worth it considering how much time we spent at the airport (7 hrs!) on our way back home. If it wasn’t raining we would have definitely brought our stuff with us to a park and had a farewell picnic. Aside from the rain on the day we were leaving and the brief rain we experienced when we arrived, the weather was beautiful all weekend. With enough sun and cool breezes to make exploring the city a pleasant experience.

-Where we stayed
-Where we ate
-Touristy things we did
-Travel tips

Where we stayed

montreal airbnb

We stayed in this awesome apartment we found on Airbnb located in the Plateau Mont-Royal aka Plateau neighborhood. Because the weather was so nice, we walked everywhere. Everything we wanted to see was walkable like the Downtown area and the Old Port. The Plateau neighborhood itself is filled with amazing restaurants, murals, and colorful houses (+balconies!). I couldn’t help marveling at how picturesque everything was.

Where we ate

Our daily breakfast spot: Chez José
I had their breakfast sandwiches everyday and did not get sick of the deliciousness. My husband loved their Portuguese breakfast and their Mexican omelette. You can’t go wrong with this place. The people are so nice, the food is delicious, and it was right across the street from our Airbnb.

chez jose montreal

For snacking: On our first day, we stopped by La Vieille Europe and picked up a baguette, some meat and tapenade to go with it, a Fentiman’s Rose lemonade, and a piece of nougat. You might think I’m crazy but the nougat was the perfect, light dessert to top off our “snack.” If you’re a nougat fan then you know what I’m talking about.

charcuterie spreadNougat

Day one dinner at Les Deux Gamins. We sat outside people watching and just enjoyed being outdoors on a beautiful, summer night. The food was also delicious. It was the perfect choice for our first night since it was so close to our Airbnb.

Les Deux Gamins MontrealLes Deux Gamins Montreal 2salmon tartar les deux gamins

les deux gamins tagliatelle

Day 2 Dinner at Sorocco. I don’t have any pictures because our food took forever to come out and it was dark outside by the time it did. The food was delicious but the wait was insane…I’m certain that they forgot about us. By the time all our food came out, all the other people that were also dining outside had finished their meals and left. We definitely felt like the last kids to be picked up from school. The long wait aside, the food was really good. If you like tapas then this is definitely a place to check out. And all the yelp reviews are true, order the fried cauliflower with truffle oil.

Vegan sweets at Sophie Sucrée. The bakery is just as adorable inside as it is outside. We got an almond croissant and a chocolate cupcake for our picnic and they were both delicious. And because they were vegan, they’re basically good for you. Just kidding.

sophie sucrée decor

at Dieu du Ciel! My husband really wanted to go to a brewery for his birthday so we Yelped it and found this place, which our Airbnb host also recommended. I had a few sips of beer and mostly snacked on bread. I’m not a beer person but my husband really enjoyed the experience. I definitely recommend sitting outside to enjoy the weather and people watch. There’s also a small park close by in case you’re not hungry yet and would like to lay out and take it easy.

dieu du ciel 2

Sushi dinner at Saint Sushi Bar for our last night. My husband wanted sushi for his birthday dinner so we consulted Yelp and found this spot. For good vibes and good sushi come here. P.S. Locals are loyal to this spot. The staff is friendly, they play a great range of music from Queen to James Blunt (the restaurant belted out “Your Beautiful”), and they bring a fresh spin to your usual sushi experience. We chose to do the tasting menu ($26.50 per person), which left us full and happy afterwards.

salmon sashimi saint sushi montrealsaint sushi bar montrealsaint sushi montreal

Touristy things we did

1. We finally tried poutine for the first time for our day 2 pre-dinner snack from Le P’tit Creux. We didn’t know until we got back to the Airbnb that the poutine came with plantains instead of fries. We love plantains so we were pleasantly surprised. It was delicious but on the pricier side (~$12). We also enjoyed it with some Rosé cider that we found in the fridge, which I would give two thumbs up.

poutine with plantains

2. We tried a fresh sesame bagel at St-Viateur Bagel. It’s definitely worth trying if you’re in the area (Mile End neighborhood) but maybe not worth trekking to. Don’t get me wrong it was good but depending on where you are staying it might not be convenient. We were already in the area because of Dieu du Ciel! (the brewpub) so we thought we’d give it a try.

3. We walked to the Old Port. There’s so much to do here. You could lay out on the grass, rent a boat and hang out in the water, zip line, eat/drink, and even experience their “urban” beach. You could definitely spend a whole day here. We walked around and left after about 2 hours because it was getting a bit too crowded.

old port montreal

Travel Tips (last but not least)

1. Take a blanket with you. You won’t regret it. There are so many parks to choose from. Pick one, remember to pack some food, and spend the whole day there.

picnic in montreal

2. Weather will fluctuate throughout the day. Be prepared to get a little hotter around 3-4 pm in the afternoon and then a little cooler in the evening. I found that the perfect outfit for the weather always involved looser pants and a more fitted top.

3. Wear comfortable shoes. You’re going to want to explore and walk around. There is so much to see.

4. Marvel at murals and balconies. Warning: you’ll want to take a picture of everything, everywhere you walk.

montreal art muralcat muralmontreal mural

That’s a wrap for my Montreal post. This is definitely one of my favorite cities. What’s your favorite city to visit? I would love to know!

Thanks for stopping by and I’ll see you in my next post.

Sophie 🙂

Disclaimer: Not ad. Just sharing my Montreal experience.