Simple bachelorette ideas and what I wish I wore instead

Around this time last year,  I celebrated my bachelorette. I honestly never spent much time planning how this day would go or how I wanted to celebrate. It was just never really important to me. I mean I would have loved a beach vacation with my closest friends but I’m also not swimming in Paris Hilton money. I had just started my first adult job not too long ago and was saving up my pennies for my wedding dresses (one for City Hall and one for our dinner). I wrote about it here.

Regardless of money or no money, I still wanted to celebrate the occasion in a way that reflected me the most.

So my friends and I started the day with Escape the Room, had brunch, went for some afternoon drinks, and ended the day with doughnuts. To me, this was perfectly low-key and casual. If you are also planning a low-key and budget-friendly bachelorette for someone or for yourself, here are some ideas for what to do and what to wear.

Take it to the beach
Spend a day at the beach with your best friends and let everyone know you’re the bride with this casual look. Bonus: You can wear it on your honeymoon and to sleep once wedding stuff is over. Keep that bridal feeling forever, if that’s what you’re into 🙂

bride tank

Do a fun group activity
Focus on having a good time. This could be doing your favorite thing or something new. Some ideas to get you started: Escape the room, a cooking class, a wine tasting, a dance class…

Brunch (boozy or not)
This needs no explanation. This dress will leave you with enough room for all the indulging at brunch. You can also wear it to future fancy day-time (non-wedding) parties.

And last but not least, you can always grab dinner and dance the night away
You can wear this during future date nights and whenever your heart desires.

little white dress 2

These are just some ideas to get you inspired to plan a bachelorette celebration, whether that be for you or someone else . These looks are also ones that I think can extend past the bachelorette phase in your life so you don’t end up with a piece of clothing you only wear once.

To end this post, I’m going to show you my bachelorette outfit from last year and what I wish I had worn instead.

What I wore:
Slip: Aritzia (I no longer have anymore because it shrunk)
Bralette: Aerie (love their bralettes…so comfy and I still have this one)
Flats: Sam Edelman (so comfortable…wore these probably everyday so they inevitably got worn out and had to be thrown out)

bachelorette look

What I wish I wore: outfit post here


And that’s a wrap for this post. Hopefully this left you with some inspiration, excitement, or even a laugh at my cheesy outfit from last year. If you’re not a bride-to-be or not planning a bachelorette celebration at all, then this is probably just a reminder to do things your way. *Cue cheesy music*

Thanks for stopping by. I’ll see you in my next post!

Sophie 🙂

Disclaimer: Not an ad. Just sharing my bachelorette experience.