Throwback Thursday: Wedding planning

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This time last year I started seriously thinking about what I wanted in our wedding. What are we going to eat aka where will the reception take place? Yes, eat because brides do that. What am I going to wear? Who are we going to invite? How are we going to document it all? And probably most important, how are we going to have a good time? Whether you’re a bride to be or a friend/family member of a bride-to be, I hope this can help you put things into focus and nail down your planning process.



My husband and I chose a restaurant that we both love and based all our planning around what was possible for the venue. We had our reception dinner at The Farm on Adderley. The food is always delicious and seasonal. The only downside was not being able to have our first dance and play our own music because we didn’t rent out the whole restaurant. Truthfully though, the time flew by and we still had an amazing time despite not having those things. We had time to enjoy our food and walk around the room to talk to family and friends.


cake cake cake

After seeing countless Pinterest pictures of naked wedding cakes, we did some research and found Luckybird Bakery. We did a tasting ($75 per couple), tried four flavor combinations, and found the vanilla with rosewater buttercream to be the winner. Our friends loved it so much they asked to take some home with them. We saved the top layer of our cake in the freezer…just a little over 3 months to go until we get to have it!

tasting 2

Wedding Favors

While we were doing our tasting at Luckybird we eyed some delicious cookies at the counter. Amy, the owner, noticed and gave us two giant chocolate chip cookies to try and upon the first bite, we knew that they were going to be our wedding favors. Our friends and family loved them.

Wedding Dress


I wrote a whole post about it. This is a tough one. It truly depends on budget, what makes you feel good, and the type of reception/ceremony you’re going to have.

Inviting people

I come from a very big family and my husband doesn’t. This was particularly difficult for my mom who always dreamed of a big wedding reception for me (>100 guests). Some of these people wouldn’t even know me or our story. That was definitely not how we were going to celebrate. So my mom decided to throw her own party (three months later) where she got to do all that. That aside, it was really important for my husband and I to be surrounded by people we love. We had a total of 35 people in the end. We wanted to fill the room with people we wanted to celebrate with and in the end we ended up with a perfectly intimate wedding dinner.


I did my research here. I used The Knot to narrow down my search for photographers. We had a small budget so that made things a bit trickier. We decided to spend more money on photographing our City Hall ceremony because we knew the day would be a bit hectic AND it was when we would say our I do’s. After looking through countless wedding photographers’ websites and Instagram accounts, we found Kate Edwards for our City Hall reception. And for our wedding dinner, I reached out to my Facebook friends and my wonderful friend from high school, Elena offered to take our photos.

Some tips for photo day

Find a very good concealer because you never know when a bright red spot may pop up to congratulate you on your nuptials.

Give yourself time to fix makeup mistakes. This is when I had my bridezilla moment. I did my own makeup and I forget what happened, but I had to take off and redo my makeup twice. I was also in a rush. But if you’re having your makeup done, you go, Glen Coco.

Two many glasses of rosé…
too much rosay

Hold that pose. Your photographer is going to need more than one take to capture that shot you’re envisioning in your head. So be patient here.

Focus on your partner. I know I can get very self-conscious when having my photo taken with strangers around, so just pretend like only the two of you exist in that space for the time being.

Having fun

have fun

For us that meant being surrounded by the people we love and eating good food (and wine). Focus your planning around what makes you and your partner happy. If you make decisions based off of that, you will probably have an amazing time. It’s a big celebration and many people will offer their opinions, but you know what’s best.

This is all I can remember eight months later. I hope you found this helpful!

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Disclaimer: Not an ad. Just sharing my wedding experience.