Why I started my blog

At the end of last week, I started brainstorming content for this week and panicked because I had nothing new to talk about. I also knew it was going to be difficult to top last week’s vacation inspired posts. Then I realized that I never dedicated a post to why I started my blog. So here goes my best attempt at explaining this new roller coaster in my life.

A creative outlet

I don’t know when I decided to stop writing, drawing, or dreaming but I did. I finished college and went right into grad school with a mere 3 months to both breathe and panic. I did well and convinced myself that this was the one path for me. But then it wasn’t. I couldn’t stop wanting to do something different, something creative.

If not now, when?

Two months ago, I decided to stop waiting for the right moment or the perfect blog name. So I started chipping away at the suppressed iceberg containing all my dreams of fashion, writing, photography, and traveling. I decided to do what I do best when things get challenging, which is to start small and simple. So “Sophie with a blog” was born.

Figuring it out

I had a hard time defining what my blog was going to be about, I still do. So I stopped thinking about that for now. At the moment, I have no interest in putting myself in another box before really exploring and considering all that is possible. In the meantime, I know I like sharing what makes my life easier, more comfortable, and sometimes more stylish, delicious, or memorable.

Moving forward

I’ve only been doing this a little under two months but if I could continue to do this in some capacity for the rest of my life, it will be a true dream come true.

4-29-17 outfit 1

This was difficult to write. I haven’t done this for very long, it isn’t a job where someone can guide me towards something so I don’t feel lost, and I have no idea how this could potentially turn into a career. I will definitely be writing more about the challenges, the progress, and where I currently am with all of this.

It’s finally May! There’s so much going on this month. My birthday on the 13th, then Mother’s Day on the 14th, and finally the month ends with my trip to Spain. We are also THAT much closer to Summer! What are you most looking forward to this month? Any recommendations for our Spain trip will also be much appreciated! We will be in Barcelona and Madrid.

Thanks for stopping by!

See you in my next post,






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