My favorite 3 piece style combo

details of 3 piece combo

I have nothing to wear.

I have probably said this almost every single day while staring at a closet full of clothes. For the past year, I’ve been editing my wardrobe and trying to figure out my personal style. I tried to only spend money on pieces that not only looked good but would also be comfortable, versatile, and last through more than one season.

This should be easy.

A year later, I can tell you that it was incredibly difficult to do this. Here are some things I learned:

    1. I didn’t know what my style was, especially when it came to work wear. I remember spending about $50 on a blouse from Zara and wearing it only once for an interview. The fabric was uncomfortable, it was about a size too small, and the shade of pink was not what it appeared online. Now I know that my go-to outfit or “uniform” for all of life’s events aside from formal ones is when I can wear a sweater, a pair of jeans I can breathe in, and comfortable flats. This works nine months out of the year here in New York (as long as you layer).

      top to bottom
    1. I looked to trends and bloggers to shape what I thought I should be wearing. For example, I like the look of a button down shirt tucked into a mini skirt or tucked into jeans with heels. But I don’t like having to fuss around with buttons, tucking a shirt back in after using the bathroom (keeping it super real here), or catching trains in heels.  So now when I look at an outfit I like, I decide if it’s just really pleasing to the eye or if it’s something I can adapt into my own rothys
  1. I need to be comfortable. I have kept and tossed too many clothes and shoes that looked good but felt terrible. So now if it itches, pinches, or hurts, it’s going back.

My favorite 3 piece combo (not the one you can eat)

3 piece combo

These three pieces fit the bill for me in terms of comfort, versatility, and longevity.

3 piece combo full

Sweater: Everlane. It’s comfortable (100% cotton), can be worn throughout the year, and is the perfect length and shape for my liking.

Jeans: Gap. Comfortable, perfect shade that goes with almost every color in the rainbow, and can work all year round.

rothy and jeans close up

Flats: Rothys (Affiliate link for $20 off your first purchase. Though I have this in navy, I would have preferred the gray but it was sold out at the time-another lesson, don’t settle and be patient). They are comfortable, can be worn pretty much all year round, machine washable, eco-friendly (made from recycled fibers), and the list goes on…they were not only comfortable during a rainy, slippery, steep, and muddy (unexpected) hike during my Bali trip, but they survived as well. I did too, I didn’t fall once.

Here I am wearing my Rothys, totally unaware that this “waterfall” that our guide promised to take us to was ‘no walk in the park,’ literally.

rothys in bali

Feel free to leave any questions for me about my experience and any of the pieces I shared. If you’ve tried this too, let me know what you came up with.

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