Glossier Cloud Paint Review


Over the weekend, I tested out the new Glossier Cloud Paint (blush) shades in Haze and Beam. Haze is a berry color that reminds me of Benefit’s Benetint (the one that you need to blend in really quick before you end up with a splotch of color on your cheek). Beam looks like a coral + peach shade that looks like you just got back from a sunny vacation where you used SPF religiously but still ended up with a tiny hint of color on your face (don’t we all want that?). Here’s the rundown:

My makeup routine: Minimal, almost never. I don’t wear makeup unless I really need to look alive. If I had it my way, I would have gone barefaced for my wedding…

FullSizeRender (1)
No makeup

Initial thoughts before purchasing Cloud Paint:
seems easy to use
-just four shades to choose from (not overwhelming)
Haze looks like a nice berry shade
Beam is different enough from Haze, and can be used to brighten up winter skin

Price: $18 each, 2 for $30

Post Cloud Paint application thoughts:
-slowly squeeze the product out from the bottom of the tube because a lot can come out
-it blends really easily into skin
-it’s best to start with a little bit of product and continue adding for desired effect
-can’t feel it on the skin
-lasts up to four hours before having to reapply (if you want it to be as pigmented as it was when first applied)
-will be using Haze for when I want to look like I work out regularly and am always hydrated. Also perfect for nighttime events when you want your cheeks to pop.
-will be using Beam for when I want that subtle, sun-kissed look. Versatile for everyday/day-time wear.

FullSizeRender (2)
After: just cloud paint, no other makeup. Left cheek is beam and Right cheek is haze.

Final Thoughts: The only blush product I will put on my face because 1) I can’t feel it 2) so easy to use and foolproof, and 3) goes well with or without face makeup.

If you’ve tried these shades or the other two, let me know what your thoughts are! Also, follow me on Instagram for more content.

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Disclaimer: Not an ad. All opinions are my own. Purchased with my own money.

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