I went apple picking yesterday and had my first macoun apple. So good!

I’m workshopping whether I should turn my blog into a newsletter. I personally prefer reading everything in an email format delivered straight to my mailbox. I also know that people like searching for reviews of things. In an effort to figure out what works, I’m going to try out recapping my week by sharing 5 things that happened/things I thought about.

This week in particular has been perfect for me to workshop this. It was both eventful and dramatic. Way more than I preferred. So in no particular order, let’s get right into 5 things that happened this week.

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Earlier today at work at a team meeting, we did an ice breaker where we shared what we would be doing if we weren’t in our current positions.

Immediately, my first thought was, work at a clinic doing mental health counseling hopefully with a therapy dog.

Then someone mentioned travel blogger and I thought how brave to share that out. I felt my own judgment coming through. Then I quieted that voice because it didn’t belong to me. I was taught to doubt and scoff at jobs that were up for interpretation and financially unstable. But as a person in the world striving to live a happy and fulfilled existence, I say do whatever energizes you. Although, even that thought is flawed. Even when you love what you do, it can also drain you.

Then, the colleague next to me shared out that she would probably be a full-time housewife tending to the needs of her two young kids aka her other full-time job. She laughed lightheartedly but I could only imagine the exhaustion and the never-ending list of things to do.

Then it was my turn to speak.

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When I originally wrote this, I wrote too much.

I went on and on about friends past and present who have hurt me in various ways. It was so cathartic to finally put it all into words and out of my head. But there was a reason why I didn’t hit “publish” and am now starting from scratch. The reality is, talking about how I’ve been hurt isn’t going to help myself or anyone else reading this.

I’m choosing to take a different angle. I’m choosing to take a hard look at how we’ve always defined friendships and coming to my own conclusions.

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About a month and a half ago, I was minding my own business when an old Elementary school friend DM’d me a screenshot of a Facebook post she found with my photo as the cover image.

I was in shock.

Popsugar used my photo for a fashion post they put up on their site. I repeat, Popsugar used my photo.

Wait. When did this happen?

How come I didn’t know about this?

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Full disclosure: This post is 100% inspired by all the recap posts of 2018 I’m seeing on everyone’s Instagram stories.

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