Review: Entireworld Sweatshirt and Sweatpants

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I’m no stranger to Entireworld sweats.

I purchased a pair of their sweatpants last year, practically around the same time as now. I even raved about them in my shopping diaries post here. A year later, they have come back with version #2. I was already obsessed with the gorgeous lilac shade and when I saw them claiming that it was so fluffy that it would make a baby chick feel like a cactus, I needed no more convincing. I mean, how soft are these sweats?

Since they offer free returns, I decided to buy the set and test it out. The sweatshirt and sweatpants are both $88 each and shipping is free so the total came out to $176. 

Sizing: I’m 5’5 and usually wear a xs/s or 25/26 in jeans and pants. I have a long torso and short legs (great combo, I know 😜). I ordered the small in both the sweatshirt and sweatpants hoping it would be just the right fit. A little oversized but still with a flattering, stay where it’s supposed to shape. Also, according to Entireworld these shrink if you put them in the dryer which I rarely do, but just in case I don’t want them to be too tight. Update: I ordered another set and got it in a xs and it fits perfectly and would be my ideal size to wear out because there is minimal sagging. I haven’t put either set in the dryer so there has been no shrinkage. I just wash and air dry.

First impression: When it arrived, I felt the fleecy lining and melted at how cotton candy soft it felt. This definitely is an upgrade from the french terry cloth lining they had for version 1. As comfy as I thought those were, I felt ready to ditch them. I obviously won’t because they’re perfectly fine and would be a waste to get rid of. But, I wish Entireworld had come out with this version initially instead. I almost felt like they sold us their prototype and not the best sweatpants they could make. Until now, anyway.

Lining of Entireworld sweatpants from 2018

Lining of current season (2019) Entireworld sweatpants

My personal bitterness aside, I knew that this lilac set would be my at home winter uniform. I now want another one as a backup and a few of the other colors too. So if Santa happens to be reading this, I’ve been nice this year 😉.

Final thoughts

These are the best sweats I’ve ever gotten my hands on. They are so comfortable that I haven’t stopped wearing them since they arrived two days ago. With breaks in the shower and when I’m in bed, obviously. I’m actually wearing them now as I type this on the couch. This is probably the perfect thing to wear for Thanksgiving feasting. And if I had a dog to walk, this would be my uniform. If you’re looking for something nice and cozy for yourself or for someone you love, these sweats might just be the perfect gift.

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