A little obsessed: Silk eye mask, plastic free razor, wide leg jeans, neutrals, and a travel mug

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I’ve been laser focused on paying off my student loans. If all goes well, I’m going to be done by the end of March 2020. Which is seven months earlier than planned! This high has been getting me through rough days at work and has also been a distraction from blogging.

BUT, I have been loving some things that I have been wanting to share with y’all and finally found the perfect moment to tap away at my laptop. Right after the husband left to drop off our food scraps, and right before we were supposed to clean the apartment. He’s back and I knocked out 75% of this post already. He’s currently dusting and giving me some blog time which I really appreciate. Don’t worry, I’ll put in my share of this cleaning game too. I’ll whip out the ol’ Hoover after I finish this intro.

So, without further rambling, let’s get into the things I’ve been a little obsessed with lately.

1. Slip Silk Eye Mask

Lately, I’ve been knocking out right away when my head hits the pillow and it’s 1000% because of this eye mask. I’ve had it for over a year now and only recently started wearing it to sleep at home. I usually bring it with me on planes and hotel rooms/airbnbs to help me sleep in uncomfortable and new spaces, respectively. It’s not too tight around my ears or head, and it feels so smooth over my eyes because of the silk. I don’t have to worry about weird lines or irritation. If you’re looking for a silky smooth eye mask, this might be the one.

2. Leaf Shave Razor

I’ve been curious about this Leaf Shave razor since seeing it on Package Free Shop. At first I was a little scared. I mean, putting my own blades in? I can’t trust myself with that. Then I saw this video on Leaf Shave’s instagram making it look so smooth and easy to use that I had to reconsider. I stopped by Package Free Shop about two weekends ago and got the shave kit. It costs $82, which is almost as much as the razor ($79) itself. It comes with the razor, the shave bar (which I also love), blades, and a little pouch to carry it all in.

The verdict? Smoothest shave of my life. I use it for my legs and underarms and I haven’t had any ingrowns, irritation, or nicks. Which I always get with a regular razor. and zero nicks. And, the rose gold just looks so chic. Who knew shaving could feel so luxe?

Some things to consider: It’s made of stainless steel so it has some weight to it. If your hands are wet, it might be harder to grip the razor. It’s also harder to get smaller and or more precise spots. And for $79 for just the razor itself, it is quite the chunk of change. In comparison, to the ones you can buy at drugstores anyway. However, it does have a lifetime guarantee. So ideally, this should be a one-time investment.

You might want to try this if: You’re looking for a plastic-free razor that works, and you have no qualms about paying more.

3. Everlane Wide Leg Jean

I’m not sure what exactly drew me to these wide leg jeans (I have it in size 26 ankle). I think I liked how comfy and sturdy the denim looked. I honestly didn’t think I could pull off the wide leg look, especially with my shorter legs. Everlane must have considered us shorter gals because they created both a regular and ankle length version. However, petite gals might find the ankle length version to still be much too long. While this doesn’t show too much of my ankle, I still love how it looks. It’s super comfortable, has a nice heavier weight to it, and makes every outfit seem more pulled together and chic.

I’ve been wearing it nonstop for casual Fridays and on the weekend. I really like it paired with loafers and I think it’ll look just as good with white sneakers. Are you into wide leg jeans/pants?

4. Neutrals

I’ve been really into a neutral color palette. This is coming from someone who used to want pink in everything. I even used to dabble in neons as everyday wear and not for an ironic 80s costume party. Anyway, I just like how chic and no nonsense a neutral color palette is. You don’t have to think much about matching because a combo of beige, cream, and more beige always works. A sprinkle of gray or navy, or both, works just as well too. Oh, and a leopard print is definitely a neutral too.

5. Swell Traveler Bottle

I got this Swell traveler bottle because I didn’t want to leave a mug at work and have to wash it every time I wanted to use it. Yes, I’m very lazy. Also, I didn’t want to pay $4 for a cup of tea at a coffee shop anymore. So I searched online and found this bottle to be my best option. I got it in the 12 oz size. I wanted a travel mug that would keep my tea at my preferred temp and be something I could just throw in my bag without worrying about leaks and spills. This was it for me. I already loved Swell from having their original bottle since 2016, so I knew I could trust it. If you’re on the market for a new travel mug, definitely check this one out.

6. Style Inspo

I had no idea but there’s an entire blog dedicated to Meghan Markle’s outfits. If you like her classic style and need some workwear or event outfit inspiration, you might want to check this blog out.

The ever elusive Olsen twins don’t have an Instagram but there is an account (Olsen oracle) documenting their looks. I can’t believe it took me so long to discover this but better late than never.

Last but not least, I just followed this instagram account (@_likeyou_) for her simple, minimalistic chic outfits. I just want to dress like her when I grow up.

What have you been a little obsessed with lately? Books, shows and podcasts recs are very much welcome.

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See you in my next post!

Sophie 🙂

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