A little health update/a reminder to listen to my body

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This month has been quite the pill. Literally.

Earlier this month, I discovered that I had a little red bump on the left side of my chest. At first, I thought nothing of it. It’s probably a pimple. It’ll go away

Then it got bigger, redder, and more painful. Maybe it’s a cyst. Then I couldn’t raise my left arm. Okay, maybe it needs to get checked. Luckily, I had time that Friday afternoon before Labor Day and made it to my doctor’s office. 

My doctor confirmed that it was definitely not a pimple. He told me it was either a spider bite or worst case, a tick bite. I haven’t been out in the woods lately so that’s probably not it. So he prescribed me some antibiotics. It’s been almost four weeks since and I still have a little bump left behind from it being so freaking swollen. I’m not in pain anymore but knowing that it’s taking forever for my body to get rid of this thing is really making me question. Am I mutant now? 

Then, less than two weeks later I got a UTI. I distinctly remember ignoring my urge to pee in the morning while I was still in bed. I don’t want to leave this bed. So I didn’t. 

By the time I got to work, it became more clear that something wasn’t right. But, I was still optimistic that I could cranberry juice my way out of this one. An hour and multiple trips to the bathroom later, it became clear that a UTI was happening and cranberry juice was not going to cut it.

I immediately went into action mode. I called my doctor’s office and they told me that I might be able to walk-in in a few hours but there’s no guarantee. Great. At that point, I was still at work and it would have been a two hour roundtrip commute to my doctor’s office. Trekking there and waiting to possibly be seen by my doctor seemed like the least ideal option. 

So I did what any millenial with symptoms would do. I consulted google. I typed in “how to get rid of a UTI” and the first thing that popped up was this ad for Hey Doctor, a health app. It virtually connects you with a doctor that assesses your symptoms through a questionnaire. Then based on your responses, they’ll either send your pharmacy a prescription for treatment or ask for more information. 

I downloaded the app and saw that UTI treatment was on top of the list. And to my surprise, getting “treated” cost only $20. I say only because visiting my doctor would have cost me $75, at least until I meet my deductible. Not having to trek to my doctor’s office and wait in agony? That’s the kind of convenience I would gladly pay for. Hell, I would have paid double. 

Some of the services the app offers

I answered some questions and about a half hour later, a prescription was sent to the pharmacy a few blocks away from work. In the end, I only ended up paying a little over $4 for the antibiotics with my health insurance. The Hey Doctor app also gave me a coupon that would have made my antibiotics cost about $18, just in case I didn’t have health insurance. Even so, my total cost would still have been less than a doctor’s visit. Cheers to modern tech and modern medicine. 

So to recap, this was my second round of antibiotics in a span of three weeks. My body was definitely in a wonky state. Because then, if you can believe it, I developed a yeast infection right after. FUN. 

My symptoms were really mild so I thought, I’ll just probiotic my way back to a balanced vagina. Um, NO. Don’t do what I did. Listen to your body and get treated. Guess I hadn’t learned that lesson yet. 

I felt more uncomfortable and finally picked up Monistat, the three day treatment. Three days later, I still didn’t feel 100%. Womp Womp. I googled and Love Wellness’ The Killer came up in my search. It’s a boric acid suppository treatment that apparently is super effective at balancing yeast and bacteria. According to the over 600 people who’ve tried it and raved about it on their site.

At this point, I was ready to try anything so I ordered it. After just using it once, I was already more relieved than the whole three days that I was using Monistat. And after two days, I felt a lot better. Turns out, the killer really is killer. 

While I don’t think this post is groundbreaking stuff, I do believe that it’s important to be reminded every now and then that listening to your body is always a good idea. I’ve ignored the signs my body was giving me three times this month, and have paid for it each time. Both literally and figuratively. 

The next time you think it’s gonna be okay despite evidence that something isn’t, let this be a cautionary tale. For you and me. Mostly me. 

There you have it. My little health update. Boy, am I glad September is over.  

P.S. Listen to your body. 

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Sophie 🙂

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