A little obsessed: Corn bread crisps, button downs, Jersey Shore, and a few eco-friendlier swaps

I’m a little obsessed with this photo via Unsplash. Isn’t it calming?

I’ve been feeling really stumped on what to write on here. So I went back to my original intention: to share the things I enjoy with people on the internet. And voilà, my second installment of my A little obsessed series. It only took me four months to write another one of these. Better late than never, right? P.S. If you didn’t catch the first one, read it here.

Some things I’ve been obsessed with lately

1. If you’re a fan of cornbread and you haven’t tried these crisps from Trader Joe’s, run don’t walk. They are the perfect combo of sweet, crispy, and slightly salty with a ton of cornbread flavor. I almost ate the whole bag in one sitting.

2. Everlane was kind enough to send me this silky cotton button down and I love it. It only took me 28 years of living to come around to appreciating the button down. I used to think they made me look really formal and stuffy but if you get it in the right fabric, it’s so freaking chic. Is this what getting older is all about? Because I am here for it.

3. Have you been watching Jersey Shore: Family Vacation? It’s reality TV gold. Don’t believe me? Just watch this clip and tell me you’re not entertained.

4. I started using this cordless water-pik and it has been a total game changer. I realized that flossing the traditional way wasn’t cutting it when my dentist kept asking me if I floss at all. Mind you, I used to floss diligently every single night. Now that I use a water-pik, I no longer need floss, which is made out of nylon and therefore, not biodegradable. Floss also used to irritate my gums. But now, I don’t get any bleeding or discomfort post-waterpiking. I never realized my gums could feel so clean. Hot tip: It helps to hover over a bathtub or waterpik in the shower because water will splash everywhere.

5. I’ve been using a 17 oz. S’well bottle for about three years now and it’s still going strong. While I love it for water, it’s not great for tea. It’s too tall to gauge the temperature and if I need to fish out the tea bag, it’s a long way down. So I decided to get this 12 oz. S’well traveler and I love it. It keeps my tea at my preferred temperature really well. I hate drinking lukewarm tea. Now that I have this baby, I can bring my own tea, avoid single use cups, and save about $4 a day. Every little bit counts, right?

6. Last but not least, I’ve been really into saving my food scraps and dropping them off at my local green market for composting. After learning that food waste contributes to about 8% of greenhouse gas emissions and that the methane released is 28 times worse for Earth than carbon dioxide, I knew I had to do something. Since my apartment is not conducive to composting and I’m still learning, I decided to go the food scrap route. I store my food scraps in plastic boxes or paper bags and store them in the freezer until it’s drop-off day in my neighborhood’s green market. If you live in New York, find your local drop off site here. So far, it’s been super easy to do with no gross smells. Now, if only everything made by humans were compostable…

Now tell me: What have you been obsessing over lately?

Thanks for stopping by. See you in my next post!

Sophie 🙂

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