Review: MaisonCléo

The Agnès

The Enrika

I’ve been waiting a whole month to do this review and it’s finally happening!!

Let me start from the beginning…

I first heard of MaisonCléo on Man Repeller last year. I instantly fell in love with their Agnès blouse. The exaggerated puff sleeve and the ties down the middle that make you look like a present? SWOON. Finding out that each piece is handmade to order in France with natural fabrics that already exist (sometimes with leftovers from fashion houses) was seriously the cherry on top of this banana fudge sundae of a brand.

Other cool/badass things to note?

-They are super transparent about how much it costs to make each piece and how much they profit off of each sale.

-They’re founded by a mother-daughter duo and have a team of just three seamstresses!

-They’re a small brand with major impact. Marie Dewet (daughter and cofounder) is constantly calling out fast fashion. Especially, the copy cats. Recently, they even created a beautiful mini collection for Net-A-Porter. Officially making sustainable fashion something to desire. Now, that’s très chic.

Wanna get your hands on something?

They open their e-shop once a week (Wednesday 12:30 pm NYC time) until they sell out. Meaning, there’s no mass consumption involved 👏🏼👏🏼.

Turns out, I’m actually writing a love letter.

Just kidding. Not really.

Now, let me finally get into my review.

The actual review

What I got: The Agnès and the Enrika.

Cost: The Agnes is 85€ and the Enrika blouse is 105€. With 36€ for shipping (DHL express), my total came out to 226€ which converted to $262.08.

Shipping: It took a little over two weeks for the pieces to get to me. Considering they are hand made to order and shipping from France, I would say that’s actually quite fast. They use DHL express so once it ships it takes about 2-3 days for it to get to you. And, if you think about it, items shipping from California to New York usually take about 5 or 6 business days. So two weeks is nothing at all.

Packaging: No plastic packaging here 🙅🏻‍♀️ which makes me so happy. My order info is written on the back of the postcard/art work. So cute, eco-friendly, and I now have a special piece of art that I get to hang on my fridge. It also came with a matching scrunchie which is their signature thing. Below is everything inside of the DHL envelope:

Sizing: I initially tried on the silk version of the Agnès blouse in a 34 (from their Net-A-Porter collection) and found that the neckline was a bit too low for me. I’m usually a xs or size 0/2 in tops. I couldn’t fill it out and couldn’t wear a bra without it showing so sadly, I had to return it. I also returned it because I couldn’t stop thinking about the white cotton version. In terms of sizing, if you have boobs then this might not be a problem for you. Because of this intel, I knew I had to go the custom route.

Going custom: I sent my bust, waist, and hip measurements in an email after I made my order (no extra cost) and Marie was super accommodating and friendly. Even when I got my order and let her know that the items were too big, she was apologetic and asked me if I wanted to send it back to have them adjust it or get it fixed by a local tailor. Because of the shipping cost and time it would take, I decided to bring it to a local tailor.

Before and after tailoring: With the Agnès blouse, the neckline was still too low for me. So I asked my tailor to bring up the shoulders. I think she did a beautiful job.



With the Enrika blouse, the neckline was too wide and low, and the sleeves were a smidge tight.

My tailor suggested bringing the shoulders up, creating a dart down the center so that it would shorten the width of the neckline and make it more fitted on me, and loosening the sleeves a teensy bit. I was game. Luckily, the adjustments worked. I even wore it to work last week.

After tailoring & how I styled it for work

Pants: Everlane Shoes: Rothy’s

Oh, and did I mention my photos got reposted on MaisonCléo’s Instagram?!! 😭

How I would wear them

I love how both pieces look with straight-legged denim. They can both be dressed up with sandals, slides for a casual weekend look, and even Birkenstocks. I’ve been wearing my white ones nonstop. They’ve finally molded to my feet and I totally get the hype now.

This could totally work as a beach cover up too. Just ditch the jeans and keep the slides.

The Enrika is cute for work with a pair of pants and loafers OR perfect for a rooftop chill session with cozy denim and Birkenstocks.

Worth it?

For me, both pieces are definitely worth it. I love that I can have something beautiful and support a chic, sustainable brand making waves in the fashion industry.

Also, I’ve noticed that lately, whenever I’m online window shopping, no piece of clothing has given me that I have to have it feeling. Everything just seems overpriced and the same. So it really means something when I’ve been eyeing the Agnès for over a year and I still wanted to get my hands on it. And when both pieces finally arrived, even with the not quite there yet fit, I loved how they both made me feel. The Agnès made me feel carefree, like I was drinking wine at dinner in the South of France. And the Enrika made me feel like someone who tends to a garden and makes delicious things from scratch, all while looking chic and pulled together. I want my clothes to evoke some kind of feeling and transport me to a moment, you know?

Have you ever bought a piece of clothing that made you feel things? Would love to know!

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See you in my next post!

Sophie 🙂

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