Review: Everlane Japanese GoWeave short-sleeve jumpsuit

Disclaimer: Jumpsuit c/o Everlane. This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own.

I love the idea of a one and done piece.

But I’ve always hesitated with jumpsuits.

It just seems like a nightmare to wear for anyone with a bladder and human needs. Unless there’s some trick to it and no one’s given me the 4-1-1.

Even with this dilemma, brands keep making jumpsuits and people continue to wear them. I’ve also been eyeing this Everlane one since it landed on their site. So when they offered to send me something from their summer collection, I knew it was time to investigate.

When it arrived, I immediately put it on. I instantly wanted to go out, be somewhere where people could see me in my new jumpsuit. This was a Friday night after a long and exhausting week. And, I prefer to stay in. So this jumpsuit was working some kind of magic on me.

Or rather, the magic was in the details.

The details

The pockets, the wide-legged cropped hem, the very work appropriate neck line, and the v-neck back that’s just low enough to show a little something but not too much.

Wow. This is getting it right. Very, very right.

Comfort and ease of wear

I knew I wanted to wear it over the weekend but also wanted to wait until I finally waxed my legs. So Sunday finally came around (post-wax) and I wore the jumpsuit to my in-laws for dinner.

Immediately, upon arrival, I had to go to the bathroom. And you better believe everything came crashing down. The top part of the jumpsuit fell right to the floor and while I trust that my in-laws’ floor is sparkling clean, I cringed at the thought of this happening in public bathrooms. Guess that’s just something I’ll have to be more mindful of.

I sat down for dinner and I felt so comfortable in the jumpsuit. I crossed my legs, propped them up, and felt like I was feeling all the comfort of a loose dress without the potential crotch exposure. So that’s a major plus in my book. 

I went home and I didn’t want to take it off immediately and change into pajamas. I actually kept it on for quite a while until I finally decided that I couldn’t hold off my shower any longer. 

So yea, you could say I get it now. Jumpsuits are crazy comfortable.

Now that I’ve told you this elaborate story, let me get into the sizing, price, materials, and the ways I would wear it.


I’m wearing a 00 and I usually wear a 25 in jeans and 0 or 2 in pants and dresses. This jumpsuit does fit loose in the waist, hips, and legs. The detachable belt is a must to cinch in the waist. But, if you’re just wearing it to run errands or paint a house let’s say, going sans belt is not a bad option either.

Initially, I thought it would be too long for me (I have short legs) even with the cropped length. I’m 5’5 and jeans with an inseam of 26-27 inches usually hit at ankle length. Turns out, this really was cropped on me. In a good way. I love that it works with both heels and flats. Everlane gets an A+ for this.


Let’s talk price. At $130, this is not going to be a mindless purchase. If you’re paying this amount for a jumpsuit, it better be good. Really, really good. Which leads me to my next point about how it feels on.


While a cotton or silk jumpsuit would have been nice, it wouldn’t have been possible to have it be wrinkle free or machine washable, respectively. Which is why I’m okay with Everlane’s fabric choice. 

The triacetate feels breezy and light without being flimsy. And, it’s machine washable and wrinkle resistant. There’s a decent amount of weight to it to make it feel chic and yet, I feel like it’s light enough that if I ever decided to run a marathon in it, I could. I wouldn’t. But I could 🤪.

How I would wear it

Honestly, I really see this jumpsuit with every shoe combo possible. Well, maybe not winter boots or rain-boots. But other than that this jumpsuit will go with everything: sneakers, loafers, sandals, and heels. And, depending on your shoes and accessories choices, you can channel different styles: casual, minimally chic, dressy, and professional. Now that’s a versatile piece of clothing.

Final thoughts

I didn’t expect to like a jumpsuit this much. The bathroom problem remains the same but now I’m just more determined to work around it.

If you’re curious about jumpsuits and want a really functional and versatile one, this might be a good starter one. I’m already eyeing the olive version.

I feel like I’ve talked on and on about this but if you have any questions, let me know and I’ll try to answer them.

Thanks for stopping by and I’ll see you in my next post!

Sophie 🙂

Disclaimer: Jumpsuit courtesy of Everlane. This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own.