Review: Sakara Life meals

Lately, work lunches have been real sad around here.

It’s usually two pieces of bread with turkey, vegan cheese, and as much spinach that I can stuff. Or, it’s leftovers from the night before. Then, once a week, I’ll have a treat yourself moment and buy an overpriced lunch that I have to rush out in the cold to get and then eat at my desk. It’s not worth it, I tell myself. Then next week, I’ll do it again. The worst part? No matter what my lunch is for the day, hunger always strikes two hours later. What gives?

Instagram must have caught on to me because somehow I landed on the Sakara Life Instagram page.

What is Sakara Life

Sakara Life is a plant-based wellness company that offers a meal delivery program, as well as, bars, teas, snacks, and supplements. All of which are meant to help you eat healthier and feel better.

Back to my story

It so happened that it was Thursday night, the last night to reserve their prepared meals for the upcoming week. I scrolled through and my mouth started to water at their menu. As I was pretending to check out, you know, when you put it in the cart just to see how much it will cost…knowing it is probably #toomuch.

It was, in fact, too much. So I spent the rest of the week mulling it over. Mostly, resenting all my sad work lunches. Then, Thursday evening rolled around again and I found myself adding three days worth of breakfast and lunch to my cart.

How much it costs

The total for three days of breakfast and lunch came out to $160 before shipping and handling. Of course, I wasn’t going to pay full price so I searched and found a coupon code for $50 off first time meal plan purchases. So the total I paid was $130.65.

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Why I wanted to try it

I decided it was worth it to:
1) test out a plant based diet and see if I’ll feel full and less bloated (I’m trying to rely less on meat for my meals)
2) get new ideas for work lunches
3) try out something new for the blog (guinea pig at your service)

Contents of my Sakara delivery

I checked out and by Sunday evening, my order arrived with the following:

1 Energy Bar (was the consistency of a crumbling fudge bar without any sweetness…not sure if it gave me any energy, to be honest).

3 Breakfasts (review below)

3 Lunches (review below)

1 Palo Santo incense stick (I burned this to start my eating better “journey” (according to the instructions) and I still have it in my kitchen.

1 Sakara branded PVC zipped pouch (this will probably be good for travel)

What was missing: Detox tea and Water concentrates that were supposed to come with my order were missing for some reason. I emailed Sakara that Sunday night and received both items by Tuesday which is super fast.

Super short review of detox tea: Loved the naturally sweet taste. It was really comforting to drink after a meal. I would repurchase but it’s $20 for a pack of 20.

Super short review of water concentrates: the detox concentrate made my water taste like weak green tea and the beauty concentrate made my water taste like a rose face spray (too heavy on the rose for me). Will definitely not be buying these in the future.

My thoughts about each meal

Day 1 Breakfast: Rose petal pancakes w/ peach butter cream

I liked the peach butter cream a lot. It was light and refreshing. The pancakes tasted mostly of coconut oil and had none of the fluffiness of a pancake. The consistency was more like a muffin. There was no rose taste at all, so “rose petal” pancakes is quite misleading. I didn’t realize that I needed to heat this up in the oven (recommended on the label). I was relieved that I gave myself ample time in the morning to turn on the oven, wait for it to heat up, and let the pancakes heat up. I could have also microwaved it but the label said to put it in the oven and didn’t point out the microwave as an option. Overall, it was not the fluffy and floral pancakes I was expecting at all. It was filling though.

Day 1 Lunch: Middle eastern bowl

This was probably my favorite lunch. I had no idea what millet was before this but I really enjoyed it in this bowl. They’re seeds that provide “plant protein and B vitamins for energy, beauty, and stress relief” (info sourced from the label). I really liked the dressing and the hummus it came with. Eating this really helped me slow down which is the opposite of my usual scarf everything down ASAP. And, it kept me satisfied all day. This lunch made up for the meh breakfast.

Day 2 Breakfast: Chia pumpkin bread w/ cacao creme

This was delicious but I didn’t care for the cacao creme (it was pretty bitter). I didn’t have time to put the bread (looked more like a muffin) in the oven so I put it in a stasher bag and microwaved it at work. It was definitely edible afterwards BUT the microwave might have been too intense because it was crumbly and a tad mushy. It didn’t deter me from enjoying it though.

Day 2 Lunch: Cooling cashew vermicelli

After transferring into glass container to take to work

The label on this suggested to stir-fry this. No way was that going to be possible at work. So microwave it was. Overall the this meal was pretty forgettable. I remember thinking that I wanted more of the cashew vermicelli. There just wasn’t enough substance in it. I was hungry by late afternoon so it definitely wasn’t a satisfying meal.

Day 3 Breakfast: Superseed muesli w/ blue majik mylk

This was delightful! I never thought muesli could be so fun. The blue “majik mylk” was definitely something new for me. It’s made of almond milk, wildflower honey, something called E3 Live, and lavender. The muesli with the majik mylk was lightly sweet with just the right amount of crunch, and it definitely didn’t hurt that it was pretty to look at. After this, I wanted all my milk to be majik mylk.

Day 3 Lunch: Black garlic bbq burger

This was the worst meal. The burger (entirely made out of plants) tasted weirdly gamey and I’m not a fan of that at all. Oh, and did I mention it turned into burger mush after being microwaved? Totally had more of a sloppy joe vibe than a burger. And, the cabbage that it came with was pretty bitter. I was just so grateful for the few small pieces of sweet potato (pic above) and the side salad with the avocado balls wrapped in seeds (pic below).

I also accidentally left the plastic container of sauce in the glass bowl when I was heating the burger in the microwave. So that wasn’t fun either. I very much wanted to eat something else and was tempted to throw it out. But it cost too much to begin with so I ate it up while imagining the taste of a real burger. This gets a big NOPE from me.


I felt little to no bloating after all the meals which is a big deal for me since I’m always bloated after lunch at work.

I got to appreciate ingredients outside of my usual routine and comfort zone. E.g. radish, millet, and muesli.

I also realized that salads are meant to be colorful and full of different ingredients aka salads should be fun!

These meals didn’t mess with my stomach since they’re all plant-based, gluten-free, dairy-free, organic, non-GMO, and free of refined sugar. The dairy-free aspect was particularly helpful to me because I’m lactose intolerant and I didn’t have to worry about checking the ingredients list like I usually do.

These meals reminded me to slow down and appreciate what I was eating. I got into such a routine with my work lunches that I was forgetting that food is not meant to be another check off the to-do list. I wanted to nourish my body so I could take on the day and feel good overall.


It seems like the meals are best for people who work from home and have access to a stove and oven. Most things that needed to be heated up didn’t taste like how I imagined it to after the microwave. I mean, my burger practically turned into mush.

The meals are definitely not all grab and go. Specifically, the meals that needed heating up. The plastic the meals come in are not microwave friendly. So you do have to spend a bit of time in the morning transferring food into microwaveable containers. Not a big deal but if you’re crunched on time as it is, then the “ready-to-eat” promise is probably going to be a bit misleading. At least, that was the case for me.

The names for each meal can be misleading in terms of taste. Take day one for example, the rose petal pancakes tasted nothing like rose petals and the texture was not like a pancake at all. I was so excited for that breakfast since the night I ordered it. And when it finally came to eating it, I was most disappointed that the peach buttercream was my favorite part. I wanted fluffy pancakes, is that wrong? And, oh, the black garlic bbq burger? Like I said earlier, more like mush/sloppy joe than a burger. I definitely wish the names matching with the food were more consistent experiences.

It was expensive for me. $160 (full price) for six meals comes out to about $27 per meal. I repeat, $27 per meal. If you subtract the extras you also get with your order like the water concentrates for $39, the box of detox tea for $20, and the one detox bar for about $5 then each meal costs about $16. That’s still more than how much it would cost for me to go out and buy lunch at work. But, it’s definitely not more than the cost of eating out and paying for tips and tax at a restaurant. So there’s that. This is definitely not something I will be able to do every week.

Final thoughts

As I am typing this, I have gotten up early to make myself a salad for lunch. And, it’s not a sad salad either.

It’s with butter lettuce, arugula, alfalfa sprouts, eggplant, and quinoa with a side of guacamole and hummus. This is what Sakara meals have inspired me to do. It really helped me see that salads should really be an opportunity to prepare in advance so you do end up saving time and to have fun with it. After all, I’ll be the one eating it so I might as well enjoy myself.

I’m not going to say that this is the end of Sakara meals for me. I definitely won’t be doing this on a weekly basis but if there is ever a week where I know things will be a little hectic then I might order a few things in advance to help myself out. Or, if I need a little inspiration, I’ll turn to Sakara for a few meals again.

Overall, I’m glad I tried this. Through this, I remembered that eating the rainbow is not just for Skittles but a reminder that plants truly are the MVPs of food. This is coming from someone who really likes carbs, by the way.

Hopefully, there are no more sad work lunches in my future anytime soon.
If you’re curious and want to try out Sakara meals, use my referral code to get $50 off (no pressure).

Thank you for stopping by!

See you in my next post.

Sophie 🙂

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