Review: Everlane straight leg crop pant

Everlane straight leg crop pant

Boy, do these pants have a story. Click here to skip the story and right into the review.

It all started back in the end of July when I spotted these in the coming soon section of Everlane’s site. I waitlisted and made sure to set an alarm for when they finally landed on their site. Why? Well, because they’re a straight crop style (my favorite) and they’re made of cotton (also my favorite). And for $68 a pair, I could buy all the colors and not go broke. So I did, sorta.

I ordered four pairs in surplus (army green), black, stone (beige), and royal blue. They arrived in two days despite Everlane’s warning about delayed shipments due to changing warehouses. Anyway, I try them all on and instantly fall in love with how comfortable they are. But then I realized that the little bit of room in the waist might become a lot of room in the waist with wear. Considering the 3% elastane in these, I figured I wasn’t crazy for thinking that.

Then of course, I went on a googling spree and read other people’s reviews of the wide leg crop (made of the same material). They all said to size down so I decided to order all four pairs of pants in the next size down (00).

Without boring you all into clicking out of this review and onto the next one, Everlane’s warehouse messed up my order. They ended up sending two pairs but claiming that there were three in the package. Then they went ahead and canceled the “stone” wash with no reason offered on their end. And because of this, I have to wait until November 3 (!) for them to restock.

Anyway, warehouse problems aside, I finally ended up with two pairs in the right size.

Which leads me this review (finally!). Read on for why I purchased, sizing, pros, cons, and final thoughts.


Why I purchased

I really needed work pants that didn’t feel like work pants. These are made with cotton and stretch so I figured they would be perfect for all day wear. Especially, after lunch when a little bloating happens and I want to sit at my desk comfortably. Does anyone else feel me on this? They’re also my favorite cut (straight leg) and come in a cropped length (they also have regular if you’re tall), which made me feel like my pants prayers have finally been answered. So really it was all a no brainer.


*I decided to go with the crop length (24.5 inch inseam) because my legs are short and I prefer the above the ankle hem look. P.S. I’m 5’5 and usually wear a 25 in jeans and a 0/2 in pants. 

I originally ordered the 0 and found that there was still a bit of room to work with. After reading the reviews (should have read them before ordering), I decided to go one size down to a 00. The 00 fit perfect with just enough to eat, breathe, and sit comfortably. The exception was the royal blue pair though. For some reason that one fit really tight and I could have stuck with the size 0 for them. I didn’t keep them because of the inconsistent sizing and the blue was just not as versatile, in my opinion. Anyway, these are definitely not true to size. I would say they definitely run big considering I’m a 25 in jeans and a 0/2 in pants and 00 is the smallest size they offer. This makes me wonder, what about women who are more petite? They can’t even size down because that doesn’t even exist in Everlane’s size offering.


-Cotton feels sturdy and comfortable
-Easy to care for since they’re machine washable
-The 3% elastane is really helpful for all day comfort and ease
-High-waist is very flattering, especially for tucking in shirts
-The cropped length is perfectly ankle length on me
-The $68 price tag doesn’t hurt the wallet too much
-They’re ethically made


-They’re not true to size. They definitely use vanity sizing which I’m not a fan of. I would rather have the sizes be waist size (e.g. 25) versus arbitrary number sizes (00). This excludes petite sizes and just makes it confusing for everyone to know what size they are.
-This is not a criticism of these pants but I really wish they had their warehouse issues sorted out before shipping things out. I really wanted the “stone” pair as well and am feeling too impatient to wait until November. Guess I don’t have much of a choice but to wait.

Final thoughts

If you’re really petite, these won’t work for you. I definitely encourage ordering two sizes just in case. This way you can avoid making a bunch of different orders and confusing their warehouse. Can you tell I’m still salty? Anyway, I really like these pants. They’re the best work pants that don’t feel like work pants. You know, the typical polyester vibe. Not into that. These make me and my wallet feel good. Definitely Sophie with a blog approved 😉.



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