Shopping Diaries: May 2018

After overspending on my wardrobe last year, I decided to track my spending. At the beginning of each month, I will review and reflect on the things I bought in the previous month. I hope the insights I gain from doing this will help me accomplish three goals: 1) avoid overspending, 2) shop smarter (quality not quantity), and 3) have a functional closet full of pieces I love to wear.

Snapshot of last month’s receipt

+ $159.36 Reformation jeans (= $128 + tax + $20 express shipping)

+ $185.09 DVF dress via TheRealReal (= $175 – 20% off + $30 express shipping)

= $344.45

The details (what I bought and kept)

Reformation danny jeans (size 25)

I bought these jeans right before my Italy trip. I also reviewed there here. I initially got them because the weather forecast for Italy was not at all what I thought it would be. Turns out I needed pants after all. I thought it would be warm enough for dresses and skirts. It wasn’t. Anyway, I needed a pair of comfortable and versatile pair of pants. And I needed it fast. So I ordered these with two-day express shipping. Not the most wallet friendly option but it made all the difference since free shipping would have taken at least a week since Reformation ships from California. And I didn’t have a week’s time to spare. Good thing I got them because I wore them almost everyday during my trip. They were so comfortable to walk all day in, and really accommodated all the carb loading I was doing. When in the land of pasta, right?

DVF silk chrissie dress (size 0)
Size 2 sold on Ebay here; Size 6 sold on Poshmark here; Size 10 sold on Ebay here.

This photo had to be edited to show the gorgeous colors of this dress that my apartment building’s lighting just couldn’t capture.

This is my second TheRealReal find. I needed something to wear for my second interview and while scrolling through TheRealReal literally a few days before the interview, I found this dress. What caught my eye was the combination of colors and the classic shirt dress style. I’ve never owned anything DVF before so I had no idea if the dress would fit. For some reason I was optimistic and ordered it anyway. It arrived the night before my second interview and lucky for me, it totally worked out. So lucky that I got the job a few hours after the interview. Seems like it was meant to be.

The numbers

$344.45 = May total

$50 = total cost of express shipping for May purchases

$1,458.09 = Year to date total

2 = Number of items added to closet in May

12 = Number of items added to closet so far this year

Final thoughts

This month I paid a whopping $50 total for express shipping. This goes to show how important it is to not wait until the last minute to buy what you need. And, how important it is to have a closet that is prepared for most of life’s occasions. Like city adventures and interviews. I mean for $50, I could have bought another much needed item to add to my closet. If not for express shipping, my total for the month of May would have been under $300. Either way, I still spent less in May than I did in March and April.

Looking ahead, I can already tell my next shopping diaries post will be a hefty one. We’re heading into the second week of June and I’ve already picked up (and worn) a few new pieces for work. I’m trying to build my work wardrobe consciously and as ethically as possible, so I expect the next few months to be centered around this. The challenging part is finding work clothes that I would want to wear even if I wasn’t working. May the odds be ever in my favor.

In terms of my shopping ban, it doesn’t seem like it’s something I’ll be able to do anytime soon. But I’ll gladly hold off since I finally have a job! It doesn’t change my decision to be more mindful of how much I am spending though. It’s pretty much a habit by now. 

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Where do you shop for work clothes? What are your must have/basic pieces for work? Would love to know!

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Sophie 🙂

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