Add to wishlist: Silk accessories for spring

I can’t stop thinking about silk accessories for spring.

It all started with this image I saw on Reformation’s site.

I thought to myself, I can do that.

I went into my closet and pulled out this scarf that I got from my friend last summer (thanks, Christine). I’m not sure if it’s silk, but it looks silky enough. Turns out it was too long to make it work around my ponytail (like in the pic above). So I played around with it, got a little frustrated, double tied the knot on top, and ended up with this.

I think it makes my white t-shirt and sweatpants look a little less sloppy. And maybe even a little intentional and styled. The pop of red definitely helps. All of a sudden, I wasn’t so annoyed with my greasy hair anymore.

I will say that I have tried to do this exact thing before. I just couldn’t get it right. So I gave up. It just wasn’t as effortless as the girls that wore the look made it seem.

Turns out, I have gotten a bit more MacGyver-like since then.  The key is to use two bobby-pins (one on each side of my head) to secure the scarf in place. I will admit though, if the scarf was lighter in color, my black bobby-pins would have shown through. But I don’t think I will mind it.

This also got me excited to see what else I could do to accessorize. With minimal effort and maximum comfort, of course.

So I started looking for silk scarves that I could use for my ponytail (since the one I have now is too long). I figured if I get something versatile enough, I could spice up my most basic outfits. Like it did for my t-shirt and sweatpants look (above).

My search was a success. I found scarves and scrunchies that seem to add a little something special to outfits. Here are my top picks. And my case for why they are perfect and effortless for spring and beyond.

My top picks

Kate Spade Berry Silk Banana Scarf: This seems like the perfect length to wrap around my ponytail. The strawberry print would probably make a garbage bag look exciting. This is at the top of my wishlist.

Slip Pure Silk Scrunchie Set of 3: I like that this comes in three very wearable colors. They don’t demand too much attention but give just enough to add something special. And because it’s silk, it’s better for your hair than your average hair tie. Scrunchies seem to be having a moment right now. And I am here for it.

Madewell Skinny Silk Scarf: I really like the mustard yellow of this. I think it creates a pretty contrast against dark hair. I like that this could be tied around the neck as well. I originally was looking at a wider mustard yellow silk scarf from Madewell, but it sold out before I finished writing this post. Seems like people are catching on to this style trick. I don’t blame them though. It’s genius. P.S. If you’re looking for a solid mustard yellow silk scarf, this Donni one is so pretty and classic.

Donni Silk Bow Scrunchie: If you want a bow to come with your scrunchie, this is the perfect one. You can flip the bow up for a playful effect, or flip it down for a more romantic feel. That’s two looks in one scrunchie, with barely any effort. That’s my kind of look.

I’m excited to add a silk accessory or two into my closet. They will definitely come in handy when I inevitably get bored with my outfits during my upcoming shopping ban (month is tbd).

What are your favorite ways to spice up simple outfits?

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See you in my next post.

Sophie 🙂

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