OOTD: Winter blues get the silver boot

I wore this look yesterday to run a few errands. This navy Everlane sweater (in xs) is a year old and probably one of the best purchases I have made in all my life. Bold claim, I know but it checks all the boxes. It’s soft, durable, and made of 100% cotton. And, it’s relatively affordable ($68) for something I imagine will be a staple in my closet for years to come. I have it in gray as well. Since I bought it last year, Everlane has come out with a total of eight colors in this sweater including a pale pink and poppy red. I was tempted but I just can’t justify adding more of the same sweater into my closet.

I will admit, it has been a bit of a challenge to get excited about pulling this sweater out of my closet. I sometimes stare at it and wish it had more bells and whistles. Like my bright pink sweater with a knit cherry in the front. It stands out, but that is a problem too. It’s so noticeable that my mom has wondered with concern, if I have any other clothes to wear. Because it’s always the standout piece, there’s little to no opportunity to make it seem like a different look.

What I didn’t realize until I paired this sweater with these silver Loeffler Randall boots is that you get to do more with simple/classic pieces. Sure, this sweater may seem boring on its own. But it is such a welcoming canvas for bolder pieces like these silver boots. I’m not sure if the sweater is making the silver boots look classic, or if the boots are making the sweater look chic. Either way, I am saving this look as one of my go-to’s. I felt confident, comfortable, and like I was putting my best foot forward. Literally.

I have also been living in these Agolde jeans. They’re supposed to be a “straight crop” style (I sized down to a 24 because they run big) but it’s just ankle length on me. I never imagined that I would prefer a straight leg over a skinny, but here I am. And not to mention, they’re the perfect length for these boots. A combination I didn’t even consider until I was fed up with wearing my boring black weatherproof Vans slip-ons from two winters ago.  I was so bored, I considered getting an anklet to spice up the look. I still might get one. Anyway, out of frustration with monotony, this combo was born. 

My style takeaway

Make basic pieces feel exciting by adding something unexpected. In my case, a pair of silver boots did the trick. Take a second or third look at your closet and have fun trying on different combinations. And if nothing seems to do the trick then it might be time to add a standout piece to your closet full of basics.

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Do you ever get bored of the basic pieces in your closet? Why/why not?

Would love to know your thoughts.

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