Everlane kick crop jean review and my problem with denim

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I’ve been wanting a pair of lighter wash jeans with a tighter fit on my thighs and a cropped flare effect at the hem. I think it is  perfect for now and when Spring rolls around.

My inspiration is a marriage between these two looks.
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Why the Kick Crop?

When Everlane announced that they would be launching their Kick Crop Jean, I thought this could be the one. When they finally launched, I ran through my checklist. Reasonable price point ($78), check. Sustainably and ethically made, check. This is important because I believe that 1) fashion shouldn’t suck up all our natural resources and 2) workers should work in safe conditions and be paid a living wage. And last but not least, these have an unfinished hem. Double check! Unfinished hems are helpful because they are easy to cut if the length is too long. This happens often since jeans are always too long for me (I’m 5’4). So, the Kick Crop seemed like a no brainer.

Disclaimer: Depending on your body type and personal preference, you might like/dislike these jeans. This is me sharing my personal experience with them.

What I like

-They are incredibly soft. Probably the softest denim I’ve ever put on.

-The zipper fly glides on easily. I’ve tried on more expensive denim with crappy zippers before and that’s always disappointing. So I’m pretty impressed with this.

-The high waist and the slight flare creates an elongating effect.

-The construction of the jean is quite flattering. It gives shape and there’s no bunching around the butt.

What I don’t like

-The weight of the denim is quite disappointing. On the Everlane site, it seemed like it would be a heavier weight denim but in person it looks more like a medium weight. It also looks like it has stretch in it, which it does with the 2% elastane. I definitely prefer the look of old school, heavy weight denim (even though it can be a bit rough to wear in).

-The hem doesn’t flare out as much as I thought it would. It looks flat. I honestly thought it would have more of a “kick” to it like the name claims.

-The scrunching around the crotch and upper thigh is unflattering.

-The loose threads. This usually isn’t a problem but Everlane does boast about their craftsmanship and attention to detail so this is quite disappointing. It wasn’t just in one place, I found it in two. Quality control seems to be hit or miss. I’m a fan of Everlane but perhaps this is something to improve.

Loose thread #1

Loose thread #2

-The fit for me is all over the place. First, I had to do the struggle dance to put it on. Once I had it on, it felt a bit restricting in the hip and waist. I figured the waist would stretch a bit with wear and it did, but just a little.

It does look like I have space in the waist, but it didn’t feel that way. Especially, when I sat down. So I figured, I need to go a size up. I went into store and the 26 fit like boyfriend jeans. The cut also looked like straight leg jeans on me. There was definitely no “kick crop” effect.

It wasn’t flattering for the rear either.

Fit Verdict: The 25 was too snug and the 26 was too roomy.

Final verdict

I will be returning these. First, this wasn’t cropped on me. I know I’m supposed to cut them to my preference but I wasn’t a fan of the hem and didn’t see how it could get better. Second, the style just fell flat for me. There was barely any flare or “kick”. It looked like I had taken a scissor to my straight leg jeans. I prefer more of a flare for a noticeable effect. Third, the wash is not as pictured online, it’s a bit darker in real life. Fourth, the fit was uncomfortable for my waist. After a few hours the waist did give a bit, but it was still digging into my belly while I was sitting. It felt fine when I was just standing, but that’s just not realistic for all day comfort. And last but not least, trying on these jeans made me question so many things.

So many questions

When I tried on these jeans initially, I wondered if the struggle dance to put it on was normal. You know, jumping up to get jeans over your hips. Is sucking it in to zip and button, normal? Should it dig into my waist when I sit down?  Do denim makers intend for us to feel this way? And more importantly, how do I know if a pair of jeans fit?

I wondered if all my jeans gave me this problem. I tried on all five pairs to see if I could come up with an answer. None of them required a struggle dance to put them on. But for the most part, they all required sucking it in to zip and button the fly. And when I sat down, depending on how much stretch was in each jean, the waist was a bit restricting but not nearly as much as the Kick Crop Jean. I have always had this problem with being between two sizes. And because I don’t like wearing belts, I have to deal with the discomfort.

And my final thought is, where are all the petite jean options? Clearly, the need exists if major brands like J.Crew, Gap, and Old Navy are attempting it. Even eco-friendly brand, Reformation is trying to include petites. But, if you look closer at their product descriptions, you will see that their inseam offerings are still 27-28 inches long. I don’t know about everyone else, but my legs are not that long.

Sure, I could go to the tailor to shorten the length but that doesn’t change the fact that the jeans were not designed with petites in mind. The knee part of the jeans end up being where my shins are. I just want the knees to fit where my knees are. And heaven forbid I want to keep the original hem, I would have to search for a tailor who would be able to re-attach the original hem. And last but not least, can petites have real cropped jeans? Some of us would like that option. And no, cropped jeans on the market right now will not suffice. They fit like regular jeans for us. At this rate, I’m more likely to grow three inches before the denim industry becomes more petite friendly.

Tell me what you think

Are you into the kick crop look?
How do you know if a pair of jeans fit?
Do you have a favorite denim brand that you think I should try?

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