Inspiring me this week: Losing, Grandma Yetta, and everything Cecilie Bahnsen

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Inspiring me this week

#1: Winning is nice but losing is just as valuable

This weekend seemed to have a running theme about losing.

First, I watched the latest episode of Fresh off the Boat, a sitcom about a Chinese family navigating American life in Orlando, Florida, set in the 1990s. In this episode, Jessica (the mom) gets incredibly upset that Michelle Kwan doesn’t win the Olympic gold medal in 1998. It baffles her that despite all of Kwan’s achievements, hard work, and talent, she still loses. Jessica doesn’t want her two young sons (who also predicted that Kwan would win the gold) to face the reality and be disappointed that hard work doesn’t always mean you win or get what you want. So she lies and tells them Kwan wins the gold.

Long story short, the two sons eventually learn the truth and demonstrate that they are more mature than their mother when facing the reality of Kwan’s loss. While Jessica feels discouraged by this, her sons continue to see Kwan as a great athlete and are able to move on. They seem to understand that winning isn’t everything.

Then there was the Super Bowl on Sunday. Both teams (the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles) are winners in their respective divisions, but they had to compete in the final game of the year for the most coveted title as Super Bowl champions. In case you aren’t familiar, up until Sunday, the Eagles have won a total of 0 Super Bowl titles. Historically speaking, one might argue that the Patriots (with 5 Super Bowl wins) have the experience and the talent to take it all home. But in the end, they lost to the Eagles. Because as we already know from Michelle Kwan’s case, hard work doesn’t always secure the win.

*Side note: I am not a fan of either team and therefore am just using the two teams to further my example about winning and losing 🙂.

In an interview in 2012, Michelle Kwan explained that because of her 1998 loss, she was able to refocus and learn to “enjoy the journey” and “live everyday with no regrets”. It is probably safe to conclude that without her loss, she probably wouldn’t have learned that there is more to life than just winning. This is important because society tells us in every possible way that we do not want to lose. But there is insight to be gained from our losses. We just have to allow ourselves to accept it and reflect upon it. The real loss is when we get fixated on not winning. This doesn’t offer us any way to improve nor does it serve as motivation to keep trying.

In my previous post, I talked about how I haven’t been winning in the job department. But I didn’t talk about why I might have been “losing” out on job opportunities. I had to take a step back yesterday and revisit my resume. I have to admit, I have been avoiding this. I was just afraid that I would have to scrap the whole thing and start from scratch. Turns out, I didn’t have to. I tweaked a number of things and spruced it up a bit. Now, I am much happier with how my resume looks. It’s worth noting that, I might not have done this if I had gotten a call for an interview. I would have thought that my resume was just fine. But getting the interview doesn’t mean I get the job. So if anything, not getting any calls was telling me that something needed to change. I needed to be more specific about my experience and leave less room for confusion. I’m hoping this will work but if it doesn’t, I’ll take it as another opportunity to take a step back and reassess what I can do better.

#2: Grandma Yetta’s confidence

Photo: @whatfranwore (one of my favorite Instagram accounts).

May we all approach this week with Grandma Yetta’s unwavering self-confidence. I think this photo speaks for itself. Were you a fan of the show, The Nanny? I loved it growing up and I’m pretty sure I would appreciate it so much more watching it now as an adult.

#3: Give me everything Cecilie Bahnsen please

Photo: @ceciliebahnsen

I stumbled upon Danish designer, @ceciliebahnsen ‘s Instagram account last week and I am in love. I want it all. Her designs are simple in the most beautiful way. All her pieces are also unapologetically feminine and so unbelievably wearable. I can’t even pick a favorite look from her AW 2018 collection because it is all so dreamy. Her instagram account is definitely my new happy place and source for style inspiration.

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Have you learned something valuable from losing? And where are you finding inspiration at the moment?

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