Review: This is L. Organic Cotton Pads

This is L. Organic Cotton Pads

Why I bought them

Cost: They cost about 20¢/pad ($8.49 for a pack of 42 but sold on for $6.99 which makes them ~17¢/pad). In short: These are organic cotton pads without the organic price tag.
Cost of other pads:
16 pack of Always = costs $4-6 (~25¢-38¢/pad)
-Competing brand of organic cotton pads at Whole Foods= $5.99 for a pack of only 10 (~60¢/pad)

What they’re made of: They’re organic, hypoallergenic, and do not contain any of the irritating materials/chemicals in traditional pads. I think there’s a reason why traditional pads do not provide a list of materials on their boxes. In short: Materials matter when it comes to pads and discomfort is not okay.

My thoughts

They’re comfortable: It’s as close as you can get to feeling like you’re wearing cotton underwear. Traditional pads have always made me feel uncomfortable, but I just figured this was part of the period experience. Since giving organic cotton pads a go, I realized that discomfort is not normal. If anything, period products should only focus on optimizing a comfort since every other aspect of it is already so painful and annoying. But I digress, these are just as comfortable as the pricey ones I splurge on at Whole Foods at a fraction of the cost.

No leaks: This obviously depends on flow but they also come in super, overnight, and liners.

Pretty and discreet packaging: Makes me feel like I’m buying myself something nice. Dare I say, it makes shopping for pads seem chic?

Their 1 for 1 mission: A company that gives back is a company that I can get behind. For every pad purchased, one goes to a girl in a developing country.

All pads should be made this way. I shouldn’t have to search for the good ones in the aisle.

All pads should be affordable. These are necessities not luxuries.

Would I buy again?

A thousand times yes. This pack will probably last for another two cycles. These get a two thumbs up from me.

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Sophie 🙂

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  • Man, who knew pads could look chic AND be sustainable? At work, they have pads in the bathrooms, so I usually use those when I need to, but mostly I just need liners. Have you ever thought about using the reusable cups instead of pads/tampons? I got one last year (Diva Cup), and it’s been pretty convenient and good for the environment!

    • The power of chic packaging 🙂

      I’ve thought about the Diva cup and even listened to a Pardon My French podcast episode about them but still haven’t mustered up the courage to try it. That’s definitely where I would like to be headed though! I would just be so scared to have it stuck or not insert it properly :/

      • Yeah, it definitely takes time to get used to. At first, I couldn’t understand how in the world I’d ever make it work, but now it’s easy. The hardest part I’ve found is actually taking it out. Kinda TMI, but it can feel like a mini-birth.

        • That’s what I imagined to be the hardest part too :/ not TMI at all! The word “birth” even with “mini” next to it is FRIGHTENING. But it would make for a great blog post haha

  • This is so timely. Just ran out of my last pox of pads. Definitely going to pick these up until I get the courage to get a diva cup.

    • I hope you like them! Relative to everything else on the market, it’s definitely the most comfortable pads for me. I feel the same about the diva cup. It’s one of those things where I know my fear is irrational and once I try it I’d probably be relieved, but I’m just not ready yet.