Add to Wishlist: Cozy Winter Pieces

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  1. This Teddy Bear Jacket is $650 (!) so it’s definitely wishful thinking. I do love the boxy cut and the hood has ears on them so maybe it’s really a cute jacket plus a lifetime halloween costume. This Ganni version is under $400 (obviously still $$$) and is pretty dope dupe.
  2. I’ve been eyeing this Acne Studios Canada Wool Scarf for a while-at $180 I would have to commit to it for life so I can justify forking over the cash. Which leads me to…get this one in pink or this more classic oatmeal color. Looking for a more affordable scarf? This Free People scarf is on sale for under $40 and comes in lavender, ivory, red, and black, and looks so cozy.
  3. Ultra violet is the Pantone color of 2018 and this lavender Tibi sweater is right on trend. I want to wear this now to brighten up dreary winter days but also when spring eventually rolls around. This sweater is far from boring. At $350, this sweater is definitely an investment piece. This Inexclsv sweater is $140 and looks both cozy (cropped, boxy fit) and dreamy (billowy sleeves).
  4. If I have to accept winter as my fate then I only want to wear these Ganni boots I am digging the super sturdy sole and the cozy shearling lining. At $395, this is definitely a commitment to winter. These J.Crew boots are a really good dupe at under under $150-sizes are very limited though.

What’s on your wishlist at the moment?

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