A winter blues pep talk

My mood until June 21st.
Photo: Marie Claire UK 

This iconic scene from Breakfast at Tiffany’s is forever engraved in my mind. My mornings pretty much look nothing like this.

Unlike Holly, I am bundled up, I use my blanket as an eye mask, and Esteban knows better than to come and wake me up. And with winter in full swing, getting out of bed feels impossible.

If you’re feeling the winter blues like I am and need a little pep talk, here are three things inspiring me this week to get up and get moving.

Three Things

Inspiration #1: Practice self love

Photo: @Girlboss

I’m all about promoting self-love, but my pajamas tell a very different story. The old clothes I’ve been disguising as pajamas for way too long show that I don’t really pay much attention to what I wear to sleep or how I feel when I am sleeping, apparently. And while I operate on the “whatever floats your boat” mentality, replacing clothes that have pilled and developed holes is the most basic form of self-love. Being comfortable in bed is directly correlated to well-rested sleep, which makes me a happier and more productive person. I haven’t conducted an official study but personal experience tells me that I’m onto something here.

Nevertheless, Holly’s super glam bedtime look and Solange’s wise words are both inspiring me to finally make the unexciting but very necessary purchase that is, new pajamas.

I just ordered these Cuyana ones that I’ve been eyeing for the longest time. I got them in gray as well.

Photo: Cuyana

Also, last week my only pair of cotton leggings (had them since 2014) gave out on me and I had to say goodbye. I just ordered these fair trade organic cotton leggings from the brand PACT (20% off your first purchase). This is my first purchase with both brands so if I end up loving them, you’ll read about it in my favorites post at the end of the month.

Photo: PACT

Maybe your pajamas are still in mint condition. What about replacing your old toothbrush head, a pair of socks that recently developed a hole, or a dingy coffee mug? I could go on but you get the point.

I find that the simplest things I need are always the ones that I forget about and put in the back burner for way too long.

If everything you own is still in mint condition, what about taking 10-20 minutes to pamper your skin?

Last week, I sheet-masked seven days in a row and my skin felt so unbelievably soft afterwards. I even felt the hydrating effect after the first day. Now, I’m looking to stock up since this winter already feels like a long one. If you’re in the market for some new sheet masks, scroll through some of the ones I’m eyeing at the moment.

Shop Sheet Masks


Inspiration #2: Make travel plans

Over the weekend, I finally booked all my Airbnbs for my Italy trip in May. This will be my third time in Italy and the first time I get to show Vadim around Florence, my favorite city! I’ll also be visiting Cinque Terre for the first time, and if you’ve seen pictures or been there yourself then you know why I’m so excited.

If one of your goals this year is to travel, I highly recommend signing up for Scott’s Cheap Flights  free email newsletters. He sends two cheap flight deals, everyday. Our roundtrip tickets to Milan on Emirates Airline cost about $750. That’s for two people!

My friend, Luxe also wrote a super helpful post on how she travels to expensive places for cheap. She’s already been to London, Paris, Hawaii, Japan, and New Zealand using her “travel hack” method.

Whether you wait for the perfect deal or hack your way into paying less for an expensive flight, this might just be the push you need to finally plan out that dream trip.

Inspiration 3: Wake your body up

In my IFTW post from last week, I showed you the workout routine I’ve been doing lately. If you’re more of a morning workout person and would like something to gently wake up your body while also toning it, here’s a pilates workout routine that you might like. I’m not a morning person but I’m adding this to my mental workouts folder.

If you really don’t have time and want to do one move that makes the most difference, here’s a super calming video on how to do a proper plank. I thought I knew how, but it turns out I haven’t been planting my hands firmly enough into the mat. Future injuries, prevented.

Going back into practicing self-love for a minute, I finally bought a new yoga mat. Now I can finally do my workouts at home without straining my back and I can avoid the dirty yoga mats at my gym.

I got this one from the AmazonBasics line (it comes in 7 colors). It’s perfect for supporting my lower back.

Photo: Amazon

Now that I have the proper equipment, I have excuse to not roll out my mat and get to it.

Also, I might just apply my new year, new pajamas motto to new workout clothes. I’m currently eyeing this Outdoor Voices cropped sweatshirt:

And these Outdoor Voices leggings:

(P.S. They offer 20% off your first purchase of $100+)

I might just even add to cart once I hit publish on this post 🙂

That’s it for this week’s IFTW post. Hope you found something here to inspire you.

Are you experiencing the winter blues? What’s helping you get through it? 

Thanks for stopping by. See you in my next post!

Sophie 🙂

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