Four things inspiring me this week

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As someone who doesn’t really celebrate any holiday until New Year’s eve and Chinese New Year, “Happy Holidays” is my favorite greeting because it doesn’t exclude anyone. This #wokecharlotte meme above is perfect. Feel free to send it to everyone in your life. P.S. I’ve really been enjoying these #wokecharlotte memes from @everyoutfitonsatc.

I have to admit, as the end of the year is approaching, I find myself dragging my feet a little bit. Maybe I’m trying to slow down time. I’m not sure I’m ready for all the expectations I have for 2018. With everything looking and feeling so festive, my mind is being tricked into thinking that I’m on winter break. Even though it’s been two years since I’ve been in school.

Anyway, as I mentally prepare myself for 2018, here are 4 things that have been inspiring me to chug along with a little extra inspiration in my step. Hopefully, you’ll find something here to inspire you too.

Four Things

1. If you guessed a podcast episode then you’re right on the money. Sophia Bush talked about quitting her “dream job,” rooting for the underdog, and using social media for advocacy and raising awareness-all on the latest episode of the Unstyled podcast. After listening to this, I’m an even bigger fan.

2. Have a passion and want to turn it into a business? On an earlier episode of Girl Boss Radio, Lisa Price talked about how her love for mixing fragrances in her kitchen turned into the beauty empire you might have heard of, Carol’s Daughter. From working a full-time TV gig and selling her products in her own home to being a household beauty brand, Lisa Price is definitely an inspiration.

3. I’ll never forget what my art teacher used to say about making mistakes in our work. He reminded us to build on them instead of scrapping the whole thing for something new. I think this Martha Stewart quote shares a similar sentiment. Whether you take this quote literally for the pies you’ll be making for holiday parties or as a metaphor, it’s a friendly reminder to work with what’s happening instead of letting it get you down.

Source: Girlboss

4. And last but not least, this picture from one of my favorite Instagram accounts, Violette_fr, Global Beauty Director of Estée Lauder. This is a photo she took of her little beauty corner from her newly renovated home. This is inspiring me to make time to enjoy the process of getting ready whether that includes makeup or not. Maybe this will inspire you to spruce up your favorite corner of your room or your home. Whatever it may be, I hope it reminds you to treat yourself to a little bit of self-love.

Source: Violette_fr

What’s inspiring you this week?

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Sophie 🙂